Taliban fighters kill 126 children as they raid Pakistani school and detonate suicide bomb


Absolutely tragic. May they all RIP.


*Over 100 people have been killed, including 126 children, after Taliban gunmen stormed a military school in the north-western Pakistani city of Peshawar, in the worst ever militant attack to hit the troubled region.
It was reported that one suicide bomber blew himself up in a room containing 60 children.
The attack started with the gunmen entering the 500-pupil school - which has students in grades 1 to 10, thought to be ages 5 to 14 - in the early hours. The jihadists went from classroom to classroom, shooting at random.
Army commandos quickly arrived at the scene and exchanged fire with the gunmen. Eye-witnesses described how students cowered under desks as dead bodies were strewn along corridors.
Around 300 children are still being held hostage, with four gunmen still inside. A police inspector said they had trapped the terrorists in the principal’s office. Many of the soldiers involved in the rescue operation are trying to save their own children.
During the last hour there were seven blasts. Two of them are said to be suicide blasts, a police superintendent said, the rest were grenade blasts. *


May God have mercy on their souls.


I just don’t understand what would cause someone to kill innocent children.

Lord have mercy…


The extermination of children is the worst crime against humanity. Its the worst sin there is IMO. I heard some of the children were even beheaded in front of their classmates


May God have mercy!


It is truly sad; humans utilizing their free will evilly. Prayers for this broken world ascending, now.:frowning: Moreover, may God shower His mercy and His peace.


Typical Taliban behavior.

That is what was being fought against in Afghanistan.


The Taliban has killed dozens of children at a Peshawar school in a revenge mission for Pakistani schoolgirl activist Malala Yousafzai being awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize.


Retaliation for that girl winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Killing the most innocent among us. What animals the attackers were.

Conditions in some part of the world are so bad, really, that others of us in this same world are fortunate in comparison.


I suspect the UN reaction will be to issue another resolution condemning Israel.


I hope these individuals repent.

Prayers for those who lost their lives. Prayers also for the families who lost a child today.


I saw they showed some of a funeral for one of the deceased tots already, I think it was a Muslim ceremony.

Apparently the children were killed in different ways including be-headings. Horrible, I don’t know how many terrible stories a week we get from abroad like this.


I don’t even have words to express how I feel anymore from the news that comes from that part of the world.
Today’s news was horrible. Those poor children and their families.
I just have no words. :frowning:


It makes me wonder where the Taliban get their arms from, it’s a bit like the great moral wrong it is to sell firearms in a way that they might make their way to Mexico or any other hotspot.

It’s fairly easy to see if one looks up who sells to the Taliban, you get an answer and a widely published story that the (Afghan) police do.

Same thing with Mexico, those arms seem to come from various places, even some from Germany have shown up but this article only says 36 were found on the Municipal Police.


Also, I know I’ve heard about opium fields being burned, that is probably some of the Taliban’s income, yet, what do you do, you burn up their fields, they have no income but then what do they do? And for all I know, I could be wrong and they may be strict against doing such things as growing drugs, but I bet they probably do.


And the CIA.


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This is really horrible. I will never understand why religion can cause people to do such horrible things. Of course religion can also cause people to do some really good things. If that were not true then we wouldn’t have saints like Blessed Mother Teresa. I would have to guess that like many things, if not all things, religion can be used for both good and evil.


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