Taliban Shooting: Silence of American Feminists Deafening


Today’s (10/18/2012) article examines the case of the 14 year old girl who was pulled from her school bus and shot in the neck by the Taliban (they “took credit!”) for blogging against them and advocating more education for girls (among other things) to the BBC (and others).


The Catholic Publication’s article notes that somehow attacking such naked sexism (my adjectives not theirs) and violence on the part of the Taliban seems much lower on the American Feminist agenda than attacking the Catholic Church Institutions for not providing free artificial birth control. (My paraphrased summation)

Discussion and additional information on the articles, issue Encouraged

Flying to Britain … a Pakistani army medical team transports child activist Malala Yousufzai on a stretcher. Photo: AFP

Read more: brisbanetimes.com.au/world/taliban-attempts-to-justify-shooting-14yearold-girl-in-the-head-20121017-27pzv.html#ixzz29gY9nS7y

Is there nothing that can be agreed upon without becoming a political/ideological weapon? The poor child is fighting for her life, people round her country and the world are praying for her…and the best way to honor that brave, well-spoken little heroine is by making this about feminists and what they choose to speak about?

How about making it about simply being human? I listened to this child’s interview and there was more grit, pragmatism and basic commonsense in the 5 min clip I saw than many adults can boast. I don’t know what feminists are saying about her but I do know the schoolkids of her nation are praying and displaying support for her. It’s not inconceivable that adults might choose to do the same…

Sad that we live in a time where it’s hard to suspend ideological differences for 5 minutes to honor those who die in our service or honor the requests of their families; hardly surprising then that a spunky slip of a girl can find her attempted assassination used in ways other than to honor her bravery.

The feminist movement is a fraud.I noticed this years ago.They didn’t even come to Hilary’s defense when Bill was misbehaving.Noooo,they went all out to support him. The only issue
that they seem preoccupied with is taxpayers paying for all of their sex,abortions…nevermind speaking out against the real atrocities occurring to women in other parts of the world.:mad:


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Maybe that’s it. This case is so clearly wrong that it goes without saying.

But then the Taliban gets a pass. Them taking “credit” for this pretty much re-justifies our war with them IMO. They gave a base to bin Laden, fought the US instead of backing off and giving him up - and are still at it with THIS nonsense.

Now if I can go off on them. Why not feminism? You’d think this would be the supreme
example of what they’ve been warning everyone against.

Or are “Sexist Men” given a pass when they have a rep of being “Anti-American” as well?

In some quarters - yes they are! And we will hear much more about how the Catholic Church is sexist because it doesn’t ordain women as priests.

Your point about exploiting a tragedy for political gain is a strong one.

Yet some of the best social changes that have come about have been when a current event, and reactions to it, give us all clarity.

Harriet Beecher Stowe did us a favor even if it turned out she just wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” just for the money. (I doubt that by the way - but it moderates the rough edges of your otherwise salient point).

And when Dickens wrote Oliver Twist - he harpooned not only the “workhouse” ethic that begat crime - but also the legal system, street gang ethics (or lack of them), child abuse and intolerance toward unwed mothers, at the time.

The source being a Catholic publication - it might be a case of complaining "why US and not THEM … considering the gravity of the one’s crimes (kidnap, attempted murder, “taking credit” of outright, bold and hostile anti-feminism) and the triviality of what is so loudly demanded (free birth contol paid for by those who neither use nor approve of it).

" …a spunky slip of a girl can find her attempted assassination used in ways other than to honor her bravery." – well put! Probably aimed at the validity of those who complain about “Feminists Silence” versus “Feminists Protests” like this article - but well put.

Even this discussion diminishes that silence, which I’m glad of. Not to make you a feminist spokesperson if you didn’t want to be.

Your second paragraph I agree with almost totally. Well written too. The “I don’t know what feminists are saying (about it) …” segue is what the article is noting - they don’t either and are surprised at the perceived “Silence.”

Glad you weren’t silent about it. This is a cowardly outrage on the part of the criminal Taliban (or those ID-ing themselves as such).

Maybe people are more vocal against other groups (than the Taliban) because those other groups actually listen to and weigh the validity of complaints more - and due to that, complaining THERE does more immediate “good”. Which is pragmatic. Of course if not doing “good” at all is what a “movement” is all about - its not surprising that others “not doing good” get a pass.

Thanks for that. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

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There is already a thread on this shooting

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