Talk about anything


I still can’t believe the Seahawks didn’t run the ball.

Literally talk about anything you want on this thread. Tell other users how your days going, how’s work, even about that new shampoo you bought. Let’s have some fun talking about stuff and cracking a few jokes.

I guess I’ll go first. I had to take the end of the year math test and it was actually hard. I didn’t know any of the formulas and I actually think I got a 30% or something. It’s not like I’m dumb, my math teacher just never made us memorize the equations and now I failed my test. Ouch.

Also my fast thing isn’t going to well (trying to follow the Eastern Catholic fasts). I’ve basically been eating everything.


My cat and I catch mice together. She runs them down and I grab them by the tail.


Have a nice day everyone! And pray to Mary because she’s pretty darn powerful btw



What do you guys think about the world cup? I’m terrible at soccer (great at football though), so naturally I dislike soccer. I do root for Chelsea FC simply because I have family in London. I don’t really know what the world cup is.


I enjoy watching the World Cup. It’s half-time between Russia and Egypt as I type this.

This is my second stint living in Europe. Even if soccer wasn’t part of the scenery growing up, after so much time living in places where it’s THE sport it has grown on me quite a bit.

Do you only like sports you’re good at? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: By that gauge I would hate all sports. Nevertheless, I like playing tennis even though I have no particular talent for it. :tennis:


Haha, well tennis is a fun game for all.

After someone stealing my phone a week ago at a waterpark, the company called and said they had it. Weird…


A good team :slight_smile: do you go halves :smiley:
I had to lay bait down for a rat in the shed,the dog and I were working together a while back but it got away.It’s doing an awful lot of digging .


I literally got impressed by my uncle hair treatment.

He chose rejuvenate Hair Transplant in India and I shocked when I see after 6 months ago. My uncle looking very pretty and smart.

Its means Hair Transplant is a natural…


I’d be shocked if my Uncle looked pretty too :face_with_monocle:


Talk about anything…“anything” is an eight letter word .


Sometimes I just have random thoughts like “What would happen if I round house kicked this guy in front of me”.


Thanks . I’ve just learned a new phrase .


Talk about anything…“anything” is shorter than that place in Wales called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch .


Love the pronunciation guide under the town name :+1:t3:

Next month, I’ll be on spiritual retreat not far from there.


Enjoy it , and don’t forget the name in case you get lost . :smile:


It’s a frost,and I’m hoping for a fine day to do outside chores before the next lot of rain …There’s so much to do :smiley:


Anyone ever wanted to visit Australia? I think it would be fun, but the plane ride is reallllyyy long.


I enjoy travelling back in time to the States :slight_smile: It’s just over 14 hours travel.
Flying to London from Melbourne was a bit more tedious.
Something random,I just put a splint on a chickens leg…I’ve never done that before :thinking:


How though?

Ah, Aussies. My Aussie aunt brought me kangaroo jerky and it’s really tough. It’s kinda ok though.


Anything? Okay, here goes.

I googled Fr. Pacwa just to see how he’s been doing lately and I was a little shocked when I first saw this. But then it said “Eye of the Tiber” so it turns out it was all a joke after all!

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