Talk Radio - What/who do you listen to?

There have been plenty of threads on righty and lefty talk show hosts, but I wanted to broaden the topic. Talk radio now encompasses more than politics; there’s financial advice, consumer alerts, home improvement, health, sports talk, etc. I just wanted to know what you liked to listen to the most, politics and beyond.

Here are my favorites:

**Laura Ingraham **- I wonder if anyone has more fun doing a political talk show. I love the over-the-top production and the use of politicians’ own words against them. She’s also not afraid of criticizing conservatives when necessary. Also, she’s Catholic. And single. I’m now reading her book, Shut Up And Sing. Website.

Dr. Laura - Much has been hashed out about her in other threads. By and large, I like her black-and-white view of the world; hers is a more masculine approach to counseling. That being said, I take issue with her belief that addictions are not diseases, and I was upset by her recent admonition to a woman not to send her kids to a Catholic school. I guess I like how she tells it like it is too much. Website.

Steve Czaban, Fox Sports Radio - One of the funniest sports talk hosts I’ve ever heard. He and his crew use a lot of drop-in sounds, such as Homer Simpson saying, “I have NO idea who that is!” Staples of his show include “The Daily Czabe,” all the news that matters to him (offbeat stories done with the Sabre Dance playing underneath); the call-in segments “I’m so done with . . .” and “This might be a dumb question, but . . .”; and the Eighties Rejoin, in which he has to guess the artist and title of an Eighties song. One downside; he’s a tad juvenile with his comments about women. I’ll also mention here that Jorge Sedano is entertaining on FSR overnight. JT the Brick, however, is a pompous windbag.

Dave Ramsey - The most successful self-syndicated weekday talk show host. Very popular in the Southeast, but largely unknown in the Northeast and the West Coast, although he has been appearing on CBS News from time to time. A devout and no-nonsense Christian, Ramsey helps get people out of debt with common sense, which he says is “just like your grandmother taught you, only we keep our teeth in.” He has a useful website.

Kim Komando - The “Digital Goddess,” and she’s every bit as sweet as she appears; I’ve interviewed her. Her computer show is the most successful weekend talk show ever, airing on more than 400 stations (she too is self-syndicated). She tried to pitch it to ABC back in 1996, but they were convinced that computers and the Internet were “a passing fad.” Kim is the champion of the common computer user, and not only is she knowledgeable on computers and the Internet, but digital cameras, music players, and peripherals as well and she doesn’t use technical jargon for any of it. Oh, and “Komando” is her real name. Website.

Dave Serio - A local car talk show host. He plays hilarious automotive-related comedy bits coming in and out of his commercials. Not only does he answer auto-related questions, he also allows callers to sell their vehicles on the air. He also has a lot of important news about recalls and other auto-related news on his website.

And a definite guilty pleasure, no longer on the radio:
Phil Hendrie - What a hilarious, if at times off-color, show. His ability to have conversations with himself as characters on the phone was incredible. And he had no shortage of callers who were completely fooled by the shtick! He played the highly litigious Steve Bosell; the overly vain and power-hungry Bobbie Dooley of the Western Estates Homeowners’ Association; the pompous Ted Bell, owner of Ted’s of Beverly Hills; youngsters R.C. Collins and Justin McElroy; Pastor William Rennick and Clara Bingham of the Joyful Union Congregation; the often intoxicated Fr. James McQuarters; and numerous others. Where, oh where, has the art of satire gone?

Your turn!

When I can I listen to:

Jim Rome and Michael Medved.

Once in a while I listen to Michael Savage - although he can be pretty extreme.

Sometimes when I am on my way to work I will catch the first 30 minutes of Laura Ingram.

Talk radio junkie here! My son wanted to know if I ever switch the band to FM!

I love Laura Ingrahm but can’t get her on the radio here.

Adore Michael Medved. He just blows me away!

Dennis Miller just started this week but his show competes with Medved. I will probably have a listen here and there for kicks.

Michael Savage only for kicks and giggles. I don’t take him seriously and he’s so long-winded.

I like Sports radio, especially Mike Murphy on the Score.

I enjoy listening to Saturday morning fishing and nature shows like The Great Outdoors, also the farm show on WGN.

There’s a Christian based talk show on WYLL which I listen to at times.

I like Roe Conn on WLS, espcially when he is joined by Ron Magers (sp?) to talk news.

Milt Rosenburg discusses serious topics on Extension 720. It’s refreshing.

Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me is good on NPR.

Getting into music, there is Dick Buckley on WBEZ, Exploring Music with Bill McGloghlin on WFMT, Marion McPartland (now on WFMT), ListenHere Jazz with Neal Tesser and Mark Ruffin.

I love In Your Faith, with host Michael Voris. He cuts to the chase, and is always easy to understand. He never talks over the heads of his listeners, and is just plain entertaining.

You can listen to him here from anywhere in the world (well, China might have a problem with that, but whatever…): Every Sunday from 3:00pm - 5:00pm ET.

You can see more about the show here:

This is a live call in show, and it’s great to hear the Protestants try to take him on. :smiley:


I listen to rush Limbaugh. I love his analysis of contemporary political issues and yes, I’m a dittohead.
Also enjoy Sean Hannity very much. Now don’t beat me up over this. I know he went over the top with Fr. Euteneuer but I still enjoy his show on Abc talk radio.
Would love to listen to Dr. Laura again, but can’t find her here in New York state.Anyone know how to find her?
Oh , "the great One " Mark Levin is excellent and enjoyable. He can get sharp tongued , but is hilarious at times.:thumbsup:

I’ve been listening to Rush, on and off, since 1988,
when he first syndicated. I enjoy his wit, command
of the language, funny satirical songs and bits, etc.
He actually helped me learn to think about things
political but not on his terms. He just stirred up my
awareness of the world around me.

Another man who does this for me, although I
don’t agree with him all the time, is Neal Boortz,
out of Atlanta.

As for financial talk, my favorite host is Clark
Howard, also out of Atlanta. He is a very
financially conservative man with a easy going
nature. Very kind to his callers and a pleasant
on air voice.

Michael Savage… when I need a little “Shock

Sean Hannity… I tired of his somewhat “same
song” approach. He can be good, but Rush’s
approach keeps my attention better.

Laura… Bad time of the day for me to listen, but
I really enjoy her.

Bill O’Reilly - Used to listen every day but they
changed his time and I can’t hear that station that
early in the morning. He went to my rival high
school, Chamade, on Long Island. I enjoy his
"no spin" approach and sometimes boorish
attitude toward “coolaide drinking” politocrats on
either side of the isle.

OK… My name is Jack and I’m a Talk Radio
Aholic ! ! ! :smiley:

Cactus Jack

I can’t stand talk radio, but DH listens to Rush, and that talk station he is on, all day while he is working, so the whole house echoes with it. I do like those montage segments he does on the “word of the week” like “hubris”. In general I find his commentary to be bitter and hate-filled and counter-productive for that reason. I also have a problem with a commentator with that huge following (I had the same problem with Paul Harvey, whom I am surprised to hear is still on the air) plugging products in the middle of his commentary, so the ads sound like part of the editorial content of the broadcast.

There’s a lot of good ones. Dave Ramsey should be required listening for all.

I also listen to Rush, Savage, Hannity… all the regulars. I caught Raymond Arroyo on Laura Ingram last week. Laura was talking about traffic problems she had while going to his book signing. The she said “Anything for Mother Angelica.” Couldn’t agree more!

Rush. I listen to NPR a bit as well and like “To the Point” with Warren Olney from PRI. He’s a tad left of left but his discussions are interesting.

Hey Cygnus! What’s the programming going to be like when the merger is complete??? Will us XM folk be able to get EWTN and the Catholic Channel from Sirius?

On NPR, I listen to ‘On Point’ witn Tom Ashbrook (a current affairs program from a center to slightly left-of-center perspective), and ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,’ which is a sort-of current affairs game show. Mr. Bush’s press secretary, Tony Snow, was a guest on an episode I heard recently, and they skewer people and events that represent all parts of the political spectrum.

The best science program on the air is CBC Radio’s ‘Quirks & Quarks,’ which is hosted by the excellent Bob MacDonald. If you live in an area where you can’t hear CBC (and I would assume that most of this audience is in that category), you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

I love ‘Mike & Mike in the Morning’ on ESPN Radio, though my drive to work is rather short and I typically only catch a few minutes of 'em. All of our local sports radio hosts are sex- and booze-obsessed adolescent buffoons, unfortunately.

I listen to the daily podcasts of ‘Catholic Answers LIVE,’ and often listen to some of our local Catholic programming, including Ave Maria Radio’s ‘Kresta in the Afternoon.’ If I happen to be in the car in the middle of the day, I enjoy listening to Greg & Lisa Popcak’s advice program, ‘Heart, Mind and Strength.’

The ONLY talk radio I’ll listen to is what’s going on on Relevant Radio. While I catch bits here and there, the only one I probably hear consistently is Drew Mariani because he’s on when I typically drive home from work.

On the way in in the morning I listen to 2 local jocks in the morning and Steve Czaban calls in there. I agree Cygnus X1, he’s HILARIOUS! I love the simpsons sound bites.

Have you listened to ‘Morning Air’ with Sean Herriott? He used to host the morning drive-time program on our local evangelical station. Then, he became a Catholic and moved on to Relevant Radio. Unfortunately, we don’t have a R.R. station in Detroit, so I don’t get to listen to him any more :frowning:

I think that’s a prerequisite to being a sports talk radio host. :rolleyes: Most have this fantasy that beautiful women are out there just waiting to call them up. Although there are some women who listen to sports talk, this is a myth.

That’s one of the things I like about Fox Sports Radio. The women on there have a sense of humor, but they’re not just ditzy “giggle girls.” They know their sports.

I would hope so, Brian, but since I no longer work for XM, I can’t tell you for sure. :frowning: I wouldn’t mind that!

Pretty much all talk show hosts not on NPR do that (and even NPR ones participate in beg-athons, no?). Being that they’re personalities and not straight news folk, there’s no such thing as a conflict of interest there; they’re just paying the bills.

I hear him now and then. That’s cool - I didn’t know that about him!

My favorite talk show host of all time is Dennis Prager. He discusses politics, religion, morality, many, many topics. He’s very wise, in my opinion, and also very respectful of people who disagree.

Next two favorites are Laura Ingraham and Larry Elder. So great.

Relevant Radio has a streaming feed you can listen to when you are on the internet.

Here is the link to the feed.

I listen to Relevant Radio quite often. Drew Mariani is my favorite talk radio host.

Thanks for the link! Unfortunately, I’m at work during most of his show, and the company has blocked our access to streaming content (for good reason, I think).

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