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I want to know more about Ron Conte and his internet site Catholic Planet.

Try Catholic Culture’s review:

The Catholic Culture review gives a pretty succinct statement of the major drawbacks of the site

I also like Catholic Culture's article Magisteriumism and Other Myths for a look at the problems in a little bit more depth. I think this portion of the article articulates the main problem I have with the site:

On nearly every page, Ronald Conte explains the most abstruse doctrinal and pastoral questions with unbridled confidence and clarity, setting everything forth on his own authority, with occasional references to whatever else happens to support his ideas. Mystical Baptism? Conte has you covered. The sinlessness of St. Joseph? Conte knows exactly how it works. The question of Limbo? Never fear, Conte is here. Moreover, Conte is here all by himself. He pauses neither to investigate the work of theologians who have grappled with these questions over the centuries nor (as may well be guessed by now) to cite supporting evidence from the Magisterium of the Church.

In fact, Ronald Conte never expresses the slightest hesitation or the slightest doubt on any complex issue. Salvation outside the Church? No problem. The proper way for women to behave? Simple and clear. The very specific rule people should follow in determining how frequently to receive Communion? Ronald’s one size fits all. Conte draws his ideas from private revelation, favorite saints, or simply his own dubious spirituality.

does anyone know which city or state Conte lives in?
Who his bishop is please? Thanks, God bless.

check out

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does anyone know which city or state Conte lives in?
Who his bishop is please? Thanks, God bless.


He seems to be a member of CAF. Although he hasn't posted in several months, his profile indicates that he visited CAF today. Perhaps you might want to send him a private message to ask?

I've always thought that Catholic Culture's review of CatholicPlanet was sufficient to communicate the point that the website probably isn't the best go-to source for information on the Catholic faith. is run by Ron Conte, a self described Catholic Theologian.

Ronald Conte has many authored books on Amazon that are self-published. He has a bachelors degree in Philosophy & Theology and self-taught himself beyond that. Like many self taught men he presents many errors in his book that more educated peers, actual theologians that continue on to Masters and PHD degrees, are cautioned, forewarned and educated not to fall into. Anyone claiming to be a theologian should be approaching a PHD degree in theology or be recognized by theologian peers as such.

To be more precise, Ronald Conte is not a theologian of any merit except to state that he describes himself as such. None of his books are peer reviewed, nor presented for review by anyone with credentials. His works dont bear imprimaturs, nor a foreward page recommending it by qualified people, nor a thank you page for people who helped proofread, edit or correct for errors. As if lacking all these things were not enough, his books also lack backing by a good and faithful Catholic publishing house. Once again, this is a self-published author without any collegial review or oversight.

Ronald Contes teachings,writings and books have been rightfully criticized across the internet for teaching what the Catholic Church does not teach or state. Mr. Conte’s works frequently contain teachings that are represented as ‘Church Teaching’ when in fact they are not. More to the point, this work is a dangerous mix of Catholic church teaching and self-styled Catholicism. The problem for most is discerning the difference between the two–very difficult… BEWARE!

In addition, he runs a forum on which variably has about 10 regualar posters on it and about 30 total current members. Consequently, he spends the majority of his time here and other places on the internet Further, although he has self-published(vanity press) many books directly to Amazon, he is not a popular or brisk selling author to be sure.

A good way to know about someone is to look at some selected quotes or sayings:

Ronald Conte of

Ron Contes’ quote about Mother Angelica, founder of EWTN:

““I don’t like watching Mother Angelica. I find her understanding of the Faith to be limited. Her explanations are humerous and easy to understand, but lack theological depth. I don’t believe that she is a Saint because of this lack of depth to her understanding of the Faith. …But I think that having her own television network has led her to have a popularity which greatly exceeds her level of holiness.””

Now anyone who agrees with the above has not read Raymond Arroyo’s book on Mother Angelica(a contemplative nun)to know what a ‘gifted’,following the will of God person Mother Angelica and this was starting at a young age –
Mother Angelica: The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles

What the Ron Conte says about himself:

"“When any prediction of mine fails, even only on a minor point, many persons will condemn the entire body of work on that basis. And when my predictions succeed, there will be an even stronger push to condemn these writings, because people will be afraid that the remainder of my predictions is also true. They will petition Bishops and the Holy See for some type of condemnation or negative decision on my eschatology. They will make all kinds of false accusations. They will distort my predictions and my work in theology apart from eschatology. From time to time, they will succeed in convincing one Bishop or another, or one prominent priest or lay leader or another, in publicly speaking against my work, to one degree of disapproval or another.
The next Pope in particular will speak against my work in eschatology, in a limited way and to a limited extent, but this will be misrepresented very widely as if it were an utter condemnation of all my work and of me personally. This type of event happened to Padre Pio (though he is much holier than me) and to the writings of St. Faustina (whose writings are greater than mine). If it happens to the greater person and the greater work, then the lesser person and the lesser work will not be spared.
The next Pope (the one after Pope Benedict XVI, whom I believe will be Cardinal Arinze/Pope Pius XIII) will give an order contraining me concerning my writings in eschatology. But this will not prevent the dissemination of these ideas, and it will be only for a limited time.”

just came across this topic

as for Mr Ron Conte jr’s “prediction”:

: The next Pope (the one after Pope Benedict XVI, whom I believe will be Cardinal Arinze/Pope Pius XIII) will give an order contraining me concerning my writings in eschatology.

Well, Cardinal Arinze might well speak against Mr. Conte’s writings, with a good reason to do so (see

However, it is extremely unlikely that this Cardinal would ever become the next pope, because he celebrated his 80th birthday on 1st November 2012. He thus will not be among the cardinals electing the next pope. Seems to be extremely unlikely that the cardinals would elect someone who is more than 80 years old and not participating in the election …

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