Talk to me about Pure Fashion

We went to a Pure Fashion show this weekend. Fun for my daughter and her friends. Wonderful to be in a large group of Catholics, events like this normally seem to be generic Christians.

The girls who participated seemed to have learned a lot based on their short speeches. I was also very happy to see that their models came in all sizes and shapes.

However, I was a bit disappointed in the fashions themselves. They were definitely modest and mostly very nice outfits, but quite a few of them seemed a bit ‘old’ for teen girls–high school and young college. They weren’t frumpy, just not the kind of thing I think an ordinarily modest teen girl would wear–even to church or a formal event. More like business attire. All the girls also wore high heels–not one pair of cute flat shoes of which there are zillions out especially for summer.

So what are your impressions?

I’d like to hear what others have to say, too. I don’t know much at all about PureFashion, but I noticed the same thing. Not saying high heels are sinful or anything, but they were awfully on the “high side”. I htink it has good intentions, though. I don’t see myself jumping on the badwagon with my daughter just yet. She’s only eight and I’d like to see if this would be an issue at all with her. I don’t want her to be frumpy, but I don’t necessarily want her to think “fashion” in general is something to spend a lot of thought on, regardless of how tasteful it is. I don’t know if I want to foster an interest of that in her. I’ll have to see if I have issues with her when she starts getting older, but right now she seems to have a healthy attitude about what’s appropriate- but she is only eight!

I had the same impression.

Honestly, I think much ado is made over the perceived lack of modest clothes available.

I can go to any store pretty much and find modest clothes for myself and my 12 yr old. It’s how you put things together that is key.

Low cut top? Wear a tank under it and a cute scarf. Opt for flared, relaxed cut jeans instead of the awful skinny jean or wear them as leggings with a long top. Wear shrugs over spaghetti straps. Choose tops without logos all over the chest that attract attention. Wear cute cardigans over tee’s that hug a bit too tight. Choose from the many cute knee length skirts out there. Layer to get the right look. The list goes on and on.

While I think PF’s clothes are nice, they are exactly what you said, businesslike. I don’t enjoy looking businesslike on a daily basis, and I don’t expect that of my daughter.:twocents:

I have looked at the pictures of the clothing, and some of it I plain don’t like. My daughter, however, is a lot better with clothing and she will debate my dislikes!

However, I am also surprised that they have slacks with not-so-long tops, since one of the big points made in the book is that a scientific study showed that men’s attention is drawn upwards by slacks… I don’t know that the study is accurate, but I think that you are right, the fashions do tend towards the older more business model.

I also think it is odd that the skirts seem to hit the knees, when my thought is that skirts should be a couple of inches below the knee so that when girls sit, they don’t have any trouble with their skirts.

Unfortunately, I think that the hardest ages to find modest clothing for is middle- and high-school girls, who generally do not want to wear office clothing! I too wish they would broaden their age range and their styles, incorporating the ideas that Shanny has, for example.

Clothes here are cute and young. :shrug:

Could you please link us the study?

ShannyK, yep exactly the things I was thinking and that my dd already does. We went more as a fun mother-daughter activity than because she needs modest clothing tips.

Kage-ar, thanks for the link. Those were much more along the line of what I was expecting to see. Perhaps it’s just what is available in the high-powered DC area. :rolleyes: But, I see modestly and age-appropriate dressed girls at my daughter’s school every day. What I saw at the show we went to was a lot of the a recently-out-of-college government worker look.

None of what they seem to show is ‘everyday’ school wear type clothing and to me that is the place that modest dress is most needed.

These are cute for school/casual wear…


30, 31 (top would be cute with jeans or kakis too), 32


My dd’s show in 2009 was really neat. The clothes were loaned by several stores. The girls were supposed to learn to walk in high heels, but they actually wore flipflops with most of their outfits–it was a cost factor.

I think that she got more out of the program than just the show–definitely the highlight though.

The formation program is actually 8 months long including an etiquette lunchen, a father/dau dinner, a speaking program, a service project, a retreat, spiritual talks, dating, etc. My dd particularly loved the father/daughter dinner in which she received a letter from her father and a purity ring.

I think my dd presents herself more positively and has more confidence from going through the program.

Purefashion is a ministry of Regnum Christi the lay arm of the Legionaires of Christ currently under investigation by the Vatican. For this reason I would not become involved until we know the future of these organizations.

For those who wish to find an alternative to Pure Fashion or just a second solid Catholic resource, check out All Things Girl (and watch the show on EWTN :thumbsup:)

I think the most important part is how to teach a girl to dress to her body type, rather than the clothes themselves. I’m thin with small boobs and I can wear a “summer dress” that is strapless and goes past my knees. My college roommate who was short and fat with large boobs would of looked either stupid or immodest depending on my clothing even if they covered the same porportional area.

I’m not Regnum Christi, but my kids do Regnum Christi youth programs. Their youth programs are great. And, the leaders are dedicated.

I’m so tired of trying out a Catholic youth program, esp. at our parish, and they either never get off the ground, cost an arm and a leg, or peter out quickly for lack of volunteers. Or they are boring. Or, they are wishy-washy.

Regnum Christi members really take their apostolic work seriously. And, they get solid formation and support from their spiritual directors, Consecrated women, and priests.

:thumbsup: Thanks to Regnum Christi members and Legionary priests for putting on so many good youth programs. My family has really benefitted: Familia, Challenge, ConQuest, ECYD, Pure Fashion, Days of Reflection, VBS, Father/son campout, retreats and liturgical celebrations, too.

I never hesitate to recommend these programs.


I agree that the girls who actually go through the program get a lot out of it. Several of the girls gave a brief ‘testimonial’ which gave us more information about the program as a whole. We were just there for the fashion show, so I can only comment directly on what we saw. As an example to high school girls of possible fashion choices from local stores, I was a bit disappointed in the choices. I was expecting more “teen-friendly” fashion and more “how to transform less modest choices into modest and stylish outfits.” But the afternoon was fun and we did see some cute things!

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