Talk with a Couple: "Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Couple Who Didn't Have Sex Before Marriage."

–from a couple who let their religious beliefs influence their lives.

Hmm. Though not overtly stated the one thing that kept popping out at me is the “freak show” mentality of pop culture and the media over couples who choose to do something everyone should choose. Good for them but this interview read more like " hey we found some weirdos let’s find out how weird they are…"

That’s beautiful!

Their story is refreshingly simple. No deep theology. Not a lot of tension. Good for them!

I agree with this statement.

Okay, except the questions and answers are all simple and direct, not sensational. The story certainly could have been made into a “freak show,” but they seem to have avoided that. Vice’s articles on health and relationships cover a lot of topics of interest to young people (“Millennials”) and their coverage looks fairly sensible. I’m glad they covered this one.

I am definitely glad they covered this as well~ I wish there were more articles as such and the decision this couple made was the norm.


I didn’t read it that way. It’s almost as if an exclamation point and a question mark could have been put at the end of each sentence.

Wait, what, hold on a sec. You didn’t even kiss!? Why is that!? What’s wrong with kissing!?

Oh you got married young because you were horny right!? Right!?

Because that has to be your only understanding of marriage. :rolleyes:

Yeah the more I think about it the less I like it.

I, too, thought it was a well done interview, well presented.

How sad that something which should be (and was for close on 2000 or more years) the norm is now considered so unusual as to be the subject of ridicule.

This occurred to me as well. When I was growing up, this would have been a non-story. “You didn’t have sex before marriage? Why not?” That’s not a question that would have come up. It would be like asking, “you didn’t deal cocaine in 6th grade? Why not?”

“Of course we didn’t. Why would you ask that?”

Yes. I think several of us picked up on that.

Well, in Europe we had homes for unwed mothers so, yes, people were sexually active before marriage. I have seen reason to think America had a very similar experience.

For my generation, the question would have been deemed intrusive. Young people today seem to have no reserve or filter in any of their conversations.

I don’t know what it was like or is like where you live but where I have lived and minister as a priest, the experiences of young people today – both positively and negatively – bear very little resemblance to my distant youth. In some ways I am very glad for them and in some other ways I am very sorry for them.

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