Talking about cats during brain surgery


This is so funny, talking about cats! What would you have said?

Me personally I would have asked to take a selfie :smiley: :wink:


Once, in Mexico, I was said to have awakened during a surgery. Don’t remember, what I said, since I had a medication which causes forgetfulness.

Another time, I woke up during a surgery, but the kind of surgery was where I’d be in and out of consciousness. I felt no pain, just asked to go to the bathroom.


To see yourself with your head open??:eek:

She wasn’t fully conscious, it seems, as she did not remember waking up afterward.



Sometimes, we can be awake, but due to certain medications, they will cause you to forget everything after you take them.


Wow, it could’ve been a whole lot worse! I’d pick cats over taking a chance at what I might talk about, LOL

I bet we’d all be both amazed and appalled at what goes on in surgical suites…

I have awakened once during foot surgery, another time I wasn’t all the way anesthesized before they started operating - Yes, I felt it! Then finally, the worst - the paralyzing agent they gave me was either too much or too strong, so I could hear everything going on, listening to the docs chatting, weighing me, talking about me and other things, etc, but I couldn’t move AT ALL. I was on a respirator and so scared that I’d never come out of it.


Yeah, I’d be talking about my cats too. And why not? They’re cute, snuggly, funny, intelligent, endlessly amusing…and I’m fully conscious :smiley:


Many of us have cats on the brain.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I remember waking up during dental surgery and asking for another pill.


I smell my cats burning toast…


Haha I wish our cat could make toast!


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