Talking About Co-Worker With Manager

Today a manager mentioned that a co-worker voided a transaction without notifying them and they were a bit confused as to why because they were missing $20. We started discussing the mistake and after a bit I said “I wonder how he figured out how to void the transaction.”

Was this detraction? I was kind of thinking he may have tried to sabotage the company when I said that. I know detraction is when you give harmful info to people who shouldn’t know, but it would seem a manager should be different/exempt.

No, that’s not detraction.

A superior can need to know something one ought not say to another.

That can be an objectively valid reason.



NO. you were speaking to a manager at work, about something that happened at work, involving someone that works there.

Yep. Abandon all hope.

Thanks for the replies! I figured there were some exemptions. I would assume that Priests are also exempt because they have to hear confessions.

You misunderstand.

It’s not an “exemption”. It’s NOT an example detraction. Neither was your last scenario.

This is why I keep telling you to get a spiritual director. You are laboring under numerous misconceptions when it comes to forming your conscience.

Why would it be?

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