Talking during Mass (when responses or singing are not required from the congregation)

I went to the Good Friday service today at my parents’ church.

A few people in the row in front of me were obviously having some conversations even in very low volumes of voice, I felt the moving of their heads and the moving of their mouths was distracting. It was happening some during the Veneration of the Cross and then after they had gone up to get Communion.

How do you diplomatically tell people to not talk or save unnecessary talking for after Mass when a response is not needed from the congregation or is it something to mention to the priest? I did not know the names of the people near me and did not feel it was my place to give them a look or say something after the service.

I can understand if a parent needs to keep a child behaving, but the teens and adults in my opinion didn’t need to be talking in the low volumes & it appeared to me that they were laughing in low volumes too.

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