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What does the Church say about talking aloud before and after Mass in the sanctuary?

Nothing. The Church gives very specific instructions for the liturgy, after that it is left to the individuals’ reverence to the house of God.

or lack thereof.

A bit of courtesy would be nice, but we are getting rougher around the edges every day. When I go to our church, I arrive early and keep silent to avoid disturbing those praying. Others loudly talk, seeming oblivious to the surroundings. It may be the TV culture one has to endure in public.

It really does not matter after Mass because so few people know exactly how Mass ends. Their keys are in the ignition well before Father gets to the back of the church.:rolleyes:

The Church has no dogmatic definition regarding what we are to do before and after Mass. But, given the plethora of prayers in preparation for Holy Mass and in thankgiving after Communion which are present in every missal and most prayer books, I think the answer should be obvious. :wink:

Given that Jesus is present in the tabernacle, isn’t it a little rude to be carrying on before Mass, or at any time in the sanctuary? I’m not saying you should always be silent in the sanctuary, but at least lower your voice when you do talk and restrict your conversations.

This is less effective when the tabernacle is located in a separate room, instead of in the sanctuary.

When the Blessed Sacrament is reserved in a separate chapel, the situation doesn’t arise.

I actually do think there are some specific guidelines, but not in the GIRM. I’ll try to find them tomorrow and post them.

Thank you for your posts, I look forward to see if you can find anything written. A friend keeps challenging me to prove that silence in the sancturary is necessary before, after mass and even before Blessed Sacrament is exposed…

It’s a matter of common decency to others and reverence to our Lord. Ask him what Jesus would say about whether or not it is ok disrupt and annoy people who are trying to dispose themselves for the celebration of the mass or to quietly and reverently give thanks afterward.

Even before the celebration itself, it is commendable that silence to be observed in the church, in the sacristy, in the vesting room, and in adjacent areas, so that all may dispose themselves to carry out the sacred action in a devout and fitting manner.” (GIRM 45)

I just figured I would point out what GIRM is in case the inquirer was unaware.

GIRM stands for the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. The Roman Missal is made up of two parts: The Lectionary for Mass and what we currently call the Sacramentary, the book with prayers and directions (rubrics) for celebrating Mass.
The first edition of the GIRM was published in 1969. It provides the theological perspective and liturgical laws governing how we celebrate the Mass of the Roman Rite throughout the world. The GIRM has been slightly modified since the Council and has now undergone a further revision.

PDF link:

I know about the GIRM, thank you so much. That takes care of beofer Mass.But I think after church it is a problem and when no Mass is beginning and teens are gathered in Church laughing a giggling before exposition starts. I have heard that the “joy” associated with these situations are from being in the prescence of Our Lord…where can I find a code of politness about behavior before the tabernacle. It is as if it isn’t written it is not wrong. Traditionally speaking, it should be written on our hearts. But what can I use to reveal this as a much neede act of reverence? Thanks everyone!

If you find it, can you pass it on to the adults who are sometimes the worst offenders?

The man who runs our monthly vigil knew Padre Pio, and he is always telling us to be quiet in front of the Blessed Sacrament, citing Padre Pio who said we should show reverence to the Blessed Sacrament by avoiding any unnecessary talking. Padre Pio is not official Church doctrine, but I think he knew what he was talking about. :wink:


Growing up my parents taught me to be silent in the Church as it was God’s house and we were to keep a respectful silence. We would cross ourselves with Holy water upon entering the Church, and genuflect to Him before entering the pew and then kneel down and pray silently. Even after my own prayers, others were praying silently too and it was respectful to remain silent so that they were not disturbed in their prayers. In fact, I do believe the Nuns taught us that it was sinful to disturb others in their prayers. Probably a sin against charity. But definately to remain silent before Mass started.

We were taught to take part in the Mass of course, praying and singing out loud.

Plus, you must NEVER get up, not even to go to the bathroom, during the consencration. My parents and the Sisters always use to make sure we had gone to the bathroom before we left for Mass. My father use to tell us that we could hold it for an hour, it wouldn’t kill us. (Now, I do understand that sometimes you just absolutely HAVE to go, but please, don’t leave during the concencration.)

Also, if you walk into Mass during the Gospel reading, wait at the back of the Church until that reading is finished before finding a seat. Usually the ushers ought to at least know this and stop people from doing that but I have been to some Church’s where that wasn’t the case.

At Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, He is Present there, His Real Presence, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity and we are to remain silent in His Presence.

Naturally there are times, thankfully, when a Parish is praying the Rosary together out loud, this isn’t a licence to talk, you ought to join in, if you aren’t Catholic and you are visiting and if you don’t know the Rosary or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or whatever prayers they are praying, don’t think its okay to start having side conversations, those prayers are to God afterall, either join in or be quiet and learn or do your own silent praying.

If anyone thinks I’m being bossy by telling you this, I am only telling what I have been taught. We also pray after Mass is over, so please have respect for God at least and be quiet until you pass through the doors.

I think people should just be quiet before Mass. Talk and socialization is great. But do it outside of the chapel, where people aren’t trying to pray and have reverent silence.

Then again, at my parish, I guess I’m the only one that wants that. :shrug:

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