Talking strategy


We the faithful can see before our eyes how enemies have come into the church and have been tearing it apart over decades.

I think the next strategy of the enemy will be bad bishops (who have remained under the radar) removing good and faithful priests from service, with no word. There will be no accusations of misconduct, no judge, no jury. Removed from service. What to do with faithful priests? Remove them now while the focus is on priestly cover ups and abuse.

It would be another perfect blow to the church. No bishop would dare to take them to serve in their diocese. The innocent priest would be tarnished with the guilty. He would effectively become homeless and jobless.

And the priest shortage? When can we have married men? When will we at least have women serving as deacon? Keep the whispers going.

Do you have good holy men serving in your parish? Pray for them! Pray that they are protected from the snares of the enemy.
May the enemy fall into the trap they have set while I pursue my way unharmed!

Let’s keep our eyes on Christ! Come Lord! We need you.


My parish in the UK has a good holy priest, I trust him completely. Recently I missed the Sunday vigil and had to attend mass at his chaplaincy at a local university and I was very surprised to see over sixty bright young things from all over the world I guess attend mass. Their enthusiasm and vivacity was heartening and it helped reassure me about the future.

Thanks be to God.


I find this scenario incredibly unlikely and silly.

Any Priest that is removed will have recourse to Rome.


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