Talking to children about baptism


As with so many other Catholic practices, baptism is so full of significance that one is spoilt for choice for themes to talk to children about. When you have such a wide choice of themes, it is easy to get lost when trying to impart as much as possible to the children. However, it is important to keep focus on a small number of themes which you can string together into a single coherent message within the time frame given.

I would like to share the ones I normally use, which I hope you may find useful. Each concept that I outline below should take no more than two minutes to summarise, excluding the answers from the children before your summary.

Two families
Children I have facilitated would be used to the concept of belonging to two families. Still it is fun to introduce this concept to children. You start by asking whether they know that they belong to two families. You will get answers like the family at home, and cousins or grandparents, etc.

Lead them to understand that there is the family at home and the family of God’s. You need to clarify this by drawing parallels between them. Just as the family at home has Mom and Dad as the head of the family, you also have God as the head of God’s family. Children need something familiar to liken a new concept to if they were to quickly understand it. A hook, you may say. …

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