Talking to my niece about God


My niece who is 9 years old seems to be going through a rough time.
My brother he was married for 21 years totally devoted to his wife and always romantic and they have 2 kids together. One in college and the other one is 9. Well my sister in-law cheated on my brother with a women and my brother was totally crushed they his wife met another women online. Luckly he is healing. But my niece she doesn’t seem to be the same. She is always focusing on the negatives in her life right now. She has 0 confidence.
And i really want her to know about God. My brother and his family never really went to church and have no relationship with God.
How should , or what to say about God to her. To help her understand who he is?


Teach her to pray. I would tell her about Jesus and explain that he is there for her all of the time. She needs to know that Jesus is her friend and that he loves her.

Get her a children’s bible and teach her to pray the Rosary. Also, take her to Mass with you when you can.


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