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I have the opportunity to talk to a group of about 20+ Catholic teens, all attending public schools, for aboout 1 hour. The topic is “Apologetics for teens”. If you had the opportunity what would you discuss? I have a few ideas, I’m using the Matt Pinto/Chris Stefanick book “Do I Have To Go?” as a starting point. I would especially like to hear ideas from converts/reverts regarding what you wish you would have known at this age. Any thoughts would help.


I would probably review Dave Armstrong’s book, The One-Minute Apologist, and then craft a talk built around 4-5 of the most significant anti-catholic arguments.

  1. Peter as the first pope
  2. Apostolic Succession and the Catholic Church
  3. The eucharist as the body and blood of Christ
  4. Mary (you could talk all day on the four Marian doctrines)

Hope this helps. :tiphat:



      I'm glad to hear you are going to talk to teens, especially in the public school arena. You know that some public schools

are hostile and down right biased about Christians and more so
to Catholics.
Now to your asking about what I wanted in high school.
Well I really didn’t go to church, during that time. So, I don’t know
or remember what I wanted. But I’ll have to use 20/20 hindsight
to try and give you some kind of answer. What I wished was to
have a church Youth Group that I could belong to. One that had
social activities, explanation of our Catholic faith in terms that I
could relate to, positive peer pressure to help me stay in school,
(Note: I dropped out of high school twice, and did not graduate),
a place to make new friends,(maybe could’ve hooked up with a
cute faith filled young lady:love: yah, I know:tsktsk:) and basically
a current total youth ministry of today.
You said you using that resource, well I’m not familiar with
it. May I have you some other resources as well? They are not
specifically on the topic, but they might help with information
and formation.
The Searchable Cath. Youth Bible-NAB Revised
(CD-ROM) St. Mary’s Press

                  St. Mary's Press (youth friendly) [](
                  Life Teen Inc. - [](

                   Disciples Now - [www.disciplesnow](www.disciplesnow).

                   Corner Stone Media - [](
                   (Using today's secular songs to teach youth)

                    Natl. Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry

                    Sex. Love & Choices

As a point of information. I’m involved with my parish Youth
Ministry (Life Teen-2001) and Confirmation (20 yrs) programs.
Serving as a Catechist,Small Group Faciliator,Core Team
member,Adult Champrone,LT Mass (sometimes as EM,Lector,
Greeter/Usher,or Sacristan) and et al. I’m not claiming to be a
YM or Confirmation expert, just showing you that if needed I can
help somewhat.

“Let no one despise your youth, but
set the believers an example in speech,and conduct in love,
in faith,in purity.” 1 Timothy 4:12 ::yup:


Randy and Pat,
Thank you very much for your comments. It’ll definately help.:thumbsup:


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