Talking to the dead?


I am putting this here because a lot of non catholics come here and i want everyones opinion.

I am sure most of you know who Silvia Brown is?? And there is a women on lifetime network who also claims to talk to those who have passed. I am wondering where you stand on this issue; do you believe them?
IF they are for real it would blow parts of Islam out of the water because in Islam they believe the spirit is put to sleep until Jesus returns to earth and questioned by 2 angels and we are not conscious.


The biblical position is that talking with the dead is forbidden because it is likely that they are demons pertending to be that person and as such will try to lead you astray.


I talk to the dead all the time
They just never answer:thumbsup:


I talk to those who are living in Christ in Heaven. It is nothing like what Silvia Brown or other “weirdies” do. We simply ask them to pray for us.


No. I don’t believe them.


I’m not a big fan of Sylvia Browne. I do read books by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. She is highly educated in para-psychology and has written books on angels that is very good.

This is against Catholic doctrine, but there is such a thing as earthbound spirits. I was once skeptical and discarded them as demons, but I no longer can do that. Some people when they die are afraid to “go into the light”. They fear judgement and condemnation. Some don’t realize they are dead. Some do.

Whenever I encounter them I tell them to not be afraid and to look up into the light. I’ve had them tell me they are afraid of being burned and turned away. I reassure them that Michael the Archangel will escort them and everything will be okay. And they do so.

Some people die and stay because they have unfinished business to take care of. Some people are our ancestors who want to help us. So, not all beings that have died are “bad”. You have to talk to them to understand which ones.

But dark spirits do exist. They walk in the darkness. The book of I John talks about walking in the light, versus walking in darkness. Dark spirits or fallen angels refuse to come to the light and try to suck the energy out of the living and use them to fulfill their own twisted plans.

In this case they have to be blocked from influencing a person. They can be blocked by the angels if you call upon them to help and by you being a person of love and hope. They also are afraid of crucifixes and shriek at the reading of the Bible. I’m torn between believing in actual possessions and simply channelling. I’m inclined to believe it is channelling that is going on and use of telekinesis and telepathy.

Talking to the dead should not be done unless you have a person there trained to help. Mediums can help in this regard. I realize this again is against Catholic doctrine, but it doesn’t make it less true. Do not attempt this by yourself. You never know who you will encounter and you may do yourself and them more harm than good.

It is up to people to decide what they will believe. I don’t expect anyone to believe me. My purpose in life is not to seek the approval of others, but to practice compassion, love and kindness. Should you wish to have additional resources, I will try to provide appropriate links. A good place to start is:


Fa Chan

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