Talking with JWs today

This morning so far:
Out running around 9:30, I see three women getting out of their car parked at the curb. JWs cold-calling, which I admire. Chatted with them for a couple of minutes. Made lemonade when I got home, in case they came by. About 15 minutes later another pair of women come to my house, want to give me their tract. I tell them I already have lemonade made for the other three, do they want to come in and cool off a bit? No thank you. Want to sit on the porch and have some? No thank you, we just want to share our information. I said, “Hey, y’all have something for me, I have something for you.” Uh-oh. I offer them my card which has my contact info, picture of my book, etc. They look but won’t take it. One says, “we use the Bible in our teaching.” I say yeah, me too. “We use only the Bible.” Yeah, me too, and some ways I do it may be interesting and useful to you. “No thank you. But you’re Catholic- you don’t believe everything in the Bible.” Well, I think the way the Catholic Church understands the Bible is the best way to understand the Bible- but that’s a big subject. “Maybe my husband would like to talk to you about it sometime.” Yeah, maybe so- want my card? “No thank you.” OK then- good luck in reaching the unchurched this morning. “Thanks!” See ya! “Bye!”

LOL I love it. I feel bad trying to deconvert JWs sometimes though, because even though I know they’re in error, for me at least back then ignorance really was bliss (I used to be one). They are soooo good to each other and so sincere in their worship. I often miss the fellowship I had with them.

At least you got more than one sentence from them. When I say “I’m Catholic” they look like the USA track team leaving my porch.

Why do we as Catholics do that? … What you just did there… the little snip of humor about them. ? Don’t you realize we do that too? (that we can run away from ideas or things just as fast?) I realize you are attempting to inject some humor, but its at the expense of another- someone whom God made and loves and cares for, who happens to be in error- if what we believe is the truth- and therefore in danger of hellfire. Why is that funny? Why mock others?

I’m sorry if I seem like I am picking on you… I’m not, I’m deeply hurt and sad by it. I see this kind of stuff all over and I don’t understand it. Just heard a preist mocking a celebrity and it makes me sick we have to listen to him. How can I trust that person has the Holy Spirit? Not saying he does not, but it does not help God’s cause when we put down others. Its not holy. Its not good.

Its good to converse with J.W.'s. And sometimes in doing so you can have lovely spiritual exchanges that are done in charity.

That has not been my experience with them. When I tell them I’m Catholic, and their response has been, “Oh, I used to be Catholic, too.” [Almost as though converting a Catholic to JW is some sort of special challenge.] It seems to make them persist even more.

Their approach is similar to any other technique of selling something.

Strategies of the Jehovah’s Witnesses

There’s even a sign you can get for your house to discourage JW’s and people from the Church of Latter-Day Saints that says ‘This is a Catholic home’. I seriously considered getting one but after some reflection I’ve realized it’s more important to dialogue with them and (hopefully!) get in some evangelization of my own :gopray:

I certainly meant no offense. My best girlfriend, who is JW, and I joke together about this all the time. She has made numerous similar comments to me about Catholics. We do not take each other seriously. I assure you, I am VERY serious about my beliefs and the respect of others. Obviously, my comment was not appropriate and for that I own it…and I apologize.

Always a pleasure don’t you think?
Last time out I got myself a good laugh though.
They opened the dialogue with their usual “Have you heard of the God of Jesus? If not let this be the day you follow him.”

I answered, I’m Orthodox Christian member of Our Lord Jesus Christ’s church, clean and free of heresy, The very core of Christian faith.

Then you’ll never guess what they answered.
How can you believe in the papacy, the bible says nothing about it.

Haha, I tried my best not to laugh right at them, but I have to admit that I struggled not to:P

Orthodox Christians are rare in my country, but silly me thought people knew about the Great Schism…
Apparently some does not:P

Made my day however:D

I know a pagan who keeps a statue of Mary next to her front door. She says it works like a charm!

Another thing that keeps proselytizers away is living a mile from the nearest gravel road, and 2 miles from the nearest paved road. We’ve been here 15 years & never had anyone show up until this summer when we had our first yard sale (people actually came!!!). The 2 JW ladies really needed to work on their delivery - they were very off-putting. But at least they bought something - for 25 cents. :slight_smile:

I can understand what you say. I have in laws who are JW’s. They are kind and caring people. I just get hurt when I hear such things- because no matter what their beliefs are, I don’t want them hurt. That’s all.

I see where you are coming from- I was not privy to that information, so I relent what I said, though please do be careful… some people think that its ok to make fun of other people’s beliefs- and the Catechism states otherwise. Just saying that as an explanation for my post. I clearly see you didn’t mean anything by it now. I hope I did not come across rudely. God bless you and yours.

One does not have to mention that one is Catholic for them to make a hasty retreat.
In my experiance if one can even display a pedestrian knowladge of the subject matter they are attempting to address they make a quick exit.
They are after the vulnerable and the uninformed.
When a JW comes to the door and states “We would like to talk about the Bible” this is actualy untrue they should have a caveatt in thier opening statement such as “We would like to talk about the Bible only if you have absolutely no knowledge at all about the Bible, Christianity, history or comparative religions”.

When I was in college, a JW gentleman visited several times. Finally, I said to him, “We’ve been talking about the bible several times now. You believe that if I leave my church and join the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I have a better chance of being saved, don’t you agree?” He said that he didn’t like to put it that way, but when pressed, he finally agreed. I continued, “Well, I’ve invited you into my home several times because I want to encourage you to leave the Jehovah’s Witnesses and become a Roman Catholic. I think that doing so would improve your chance of drawing near to God and being saved.” That was his last visit.

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