Tamiflu for children under one in USA?

I have read that in light of the swine flu pandemic, tamiflu is approved for children under one in Canada and Europe but not US. So what gives here?




On October 16, 2009 the CDC posted recommendations and dosage of antiviral meds for children under 1 year yet US doctors are not prescribing antiviral meds for infants with swine flu.


This is beyond frustrating for parents with sick babies.

The use of this medicine is forbidden in some developed countries .

In Ukraine , these days some farmacy companies have made a fortune by selling this medicine , because the TV reclama has only commercial eyes , and does care about money.
The same you can say about the reason of the masses psychoses which have been taking place , the last two weeks in Ukraine.

The Last days I was a witnesser , of what the media can do with the people.
And what a power the media has for the human society.

Schools , Colleges , Universities , children gardens , markets , amusements places were closed , just because of the mass psychosis about the swines-flue.
The media did its job in two days ( the strange thing is that the last days before the day of mass psychoses and panic on the TV , you could not hear about the epidemy of swines flue )
The tourism , hotels and restaurants business has suffered a lot of damage.
The tourism industry has lost the millions of grivnas , the same you can say about another fields of activities.
All people , workers who work in the sphere of service are obliged to be in the mask , and can not take the mask off.
The masks are distributed on the streets and apotechs , and evry one should have it.

After these days , I started to think about , how the society can protect itself from disinformation ?
How the statements of the medical experts , can be examined by proper inspection of statistics and datas , that all this statistics and datas would be objective and real.
What is the reason for so big action.
Yes , we have the parlaments and presidents elections soon.
And the politicians represent the country at internetional level not in a good way at all.
Especially at the last decade of the rulership.

But , my question is , why in the neighbours Poland , which is at the border of danger zone of Ukrainian Lviv’s region , there was no panic and psychoses of the masses ?
Why in another neighbours countries which bordering with Ukraine , there is no so big panic ?
Even in Romania , where there were cases of the swines-flue , you could not witness this type of psychoses !
It seems that in Poland , there are more fears about the usual flue than the swines-flue .
At least this you can think after the sstatement of the minister of health care in Poland.

Of course the farmacy companies have made a fortune from selling the ‘‘tamiflu’’ , these days .
Actually the price went much higher than usual.

And again ,here is the question about the objectivity of information about this medicine.
What I think , why not consult with farmacy experts of Britain or Japan ? why not to examine more properly the effect of this medicine ?
May be for some people its acceptable but for others it will give a very negative effect.
If medicine is for the people , then the people should be more important than money.

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