Tamir Rice: Cleveland says family owes $500 for EMS after fatal police shooting


From today’s Guardian:

The city of Cleveland wants the family of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old boy killed by police, to pay hundreds of dollars to the government to cover “emergency medical services” for the child’s “last dying expense”, according to records.

The city’s attorneys filed a claim on Wednesday against Rice’s estate alleging that the family owes $500 for an unpaid EMS bill from the boy’s death, sparking outrage from Ohio supporters of the family who described it as a particularly cruel legal maneuver.

“The callousness, insensitivity, and poor judgment required for the city to send a bill after its own police officers killed a 12-year-old child is breathtaking,” Subodh Chandra, the family’s attorney, said in an email. “This adds insult to homicide.”



You see, conservatives are right about government, but in the present case, local government. This is incredible.


I would be willing to bet you that this is a computer generated notice that went out to everyone who had past due balances with EMS Although I have a distrust for government at any level I refuse to believe that any government can be this stupid


Put some lotion on that thin skin. I’m sure the bill was automated and goes out to everyone who used the emergency service. Much more information is needed before we condemn an entire city government!


The bill itself may have been “automated.” However, the request from the city attorney was not. It seems to me that a bit of reasonable discretion and political common sense on the part of the city attorney is lacking in this case.


Yes, this is very ill-timed and badly done.

EMS expenses are indeed, a boondoggle on society. They charge these fees and many of us are aware of that.


They won’t press charges against the officer but insist on a petty $500 from the family of someone their representative killed? Screw legality, it’s unjust and insensitive.


Rogue cop shoots someone. Rogue cop works for the city. The city should pay resulting costs (legally speaking). If the family contest this in court, it could get interesting.


This is breathtakingly insensitive, particularly given that police did not even provide first aid to Tamir. It was only after he had been lying on the ground for four minutes and an FBI agent with medical training arrived on scene that he was given first aid.


Looks like another attempt to inflame racial tensions with a misreported story:

quote=Cleveland News Radio WTAM1100 - At a Thursday press conference, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson apologized to the family of Tamir Rice over a bill for the boy’s “last dying expense”, even though the city never intended to seek payment.

A claim filed Wednesday called for $500 to pay for emergency medical services rice received after he was shot by police in 2014.

Mayor Frank Jackson said today, the claim was never sent to the Rice Family, and they won’t be billed for any of those services. He explained that the excutor of the Rice estate requested a copy of the bill and the city was required by law to provide it.

He also reported that a bill was sent to medicaid, which reimbursed the city for a portion of the costs. Jackson said the city absorbed the rest.

Jackson maintained that no mistakes were made and that the city followed all the correct policies and regulations. He admitted that the bill should have been “flagged”, and not filed in probate court.

The Rice family released the following statement Thursday following the city’s press conference:

“The suggestion that the estate-administrator sending a routine public-records request to the city about a child’s death would then result in the city filing a court claim—particularly when the city’s own police officers killed the child and the claim is already time-barred under Ohio law—makes no sense to the Rice family. This was a deeply disturbing incident to them.”

Source: m.wtam.com/articles/local-news-122520/mayor-frank-jackson-apologizes-for-embarrassing-14374138


the ultimate insult! how sad.


It is sad that the family’s attorney requested a copy of the bill, that this story was not properly reported, or that the family is making a mountain of out of, well, nothing.


how was it misreported - in your words. I don’t have time to read an entire article!


According to Jackson, Medicaid paid $173 for the ambulance and Cleveland paid the remaining $327. At that point, the city closed the account. But the city reopened the account and filed a claim with the estate when the executor asked about ambulance bills. The city reported the ambulance bill because of its obligation under Medicaid policies, Jackson said.

A lawyer representing the Tamir Rice family in a civil suit against the city, Subodh Chandra, questioned that explanation in an email to Cleveland.com. “If the city accepts Medicaid reimbursement, there is no additional amount owed,” Chandra said. “That’s the basic principle of insurance and Medicaid/Medicare law. They can’t hold their hand out for more.”


Looks like this discusses the matter some.

So, this young male, Rice actually had an executor to his estate; looks like a bit of complexity regarding governmental accounting practices somehow surfaced.


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