Tampa police officers unwilling to work sold-out Beyonce show


Tampa police officers unwilling to work sold-out Beyonce show

The Tampa Police Department is having trouble getting officers to volunteer to provide security for Beyonce’s upcoming concert, following the pop singer’s controversial Super Bowl halftime performance of “Formation,” which many critics have argued is anti-police.

Typically, off-duty officers volunteer to work concerts and sporting events for the extra income, but none have signed up to work security for Beyonce’s April 29 concert at Raymond James Stadium, which is expected to sell out, a local Fox News affiliate reported.

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Ohh the irony,

Maybe she’ll be creative and hire the Tampa gangs to provide security.

I hope the Police hold firm.


This has not been covered here from what I know, not in a specific thread. There was a protest against her as well in NYC around February 16th.

Sheriffs: Beyoncé is ‘inciting bad behavior’ and endangering law enforcement**


The media keeps putting out these “protest” stories to make Beyonce seem like a controversial activist or something.

Oh well. The show will go on. Cops love overtime and even if whites were mad, there are plenty of black and Hispanic cops in Tampa who will be happy to take the city’s money to check bags and make people throw their outside beverages away.


Interesting the spokesperson couldn’t say if the lack of signups had anything to do with Beyonce and that they would staff the event and have plenty of time to do so, yet the story is worthy of a CAF thread. The concert I see is at Raymond James Stadium which I believe is home to the NFL Tampa Bay Bucs and of course Beyonce performed at the NFL’s Super Bowl. I’m sure while Beyonce performs before sold out crowds, the cops will boycott the NFL now too. :rolleyes: Maybe become Rays fans. The MLB team there is usually near the bottom in attendance figures.

A person is not anti-police when they are outraged by police brutality cases. Good cops should be outraged when a bad cop does something terrible. There are peaceful Muslims who are outraged when there is a terrorist attack.


Never can tell, the blue line might just hold. Color’s only skin deep, underneath they’re all blue.


Especially since, I believe if one researches it, these are police organizations, perhaps even unions who are saying these things.

What is the Beyonce entourage going to do if they need to find off-duty law enforcement? Ask policemen who are persons of color if they would work security if they see them in the 7-11?


:thumbsup: And a sold out show at that.

(For full disclosure I am white and am not mad at Beyonce.)


Are you a law enforcement officer?

I am not sure why skin color actually is brought into this.

This is about a person’s occupation, painter, plumber, candlestick maker.

So, perhaps, there is a misconception on this issue.


Hispanic police officers like Ortiz?

Javier Ortiz couldn’t hide from Beyoncé.

Like many police officers, he skipped the Super Bowl half-time show in which she performed her new hit “Formation”—a song he and his peers see as anti-police. But, flipping through the channels on his television one day, it struck: Ortiz, the head of a Miami police union, stumbled across her music video.


And now, you know, the rest of the story.


Didn’t the Rolling Stones do that once, hiring Hell’s Angels?.
I think a few people died in the ensuing bedlam.

Other than that it sounds like a good idea for someone who doesn’t like the police. Let the gangs take care of things.


No I’m not but if I were, I’d gladly be willing to be of service at the concert. Skin color may be brought into it because all lives matter. But in these times, especially with the black lives who when unarmed, several of them young lives, have nevertheless been gunned down by a few rogue police officers, people may need reminded that BLM too and that there can be bad apples in law enforcement just as there can be in any segment of society. I watched the halftime show and I didn’t think a thing about it and didn’t even realize there would be any controversy until hearing of social media comments. But as I said earlier, it is not anti-police for someone to be outraged at a few bad cops. No more than I would be anti-Muslim because I am outraged at a few who commit terror. Peace.


I don’t blame the police for unwilling to work her concert. I am sure the extra money is good, but I think it is good for them to make a statement.


In case you haven’t noticed, it doesn’t take much of a story to inspire a CAF thread.


Or to post on one. :wink:


Tampa is an extremely large city “during the season”. Everything is maxed out and the police have to work very hard. They have enough traffic accidents to keep a full force running from one to another PLUS the dregs of societies that manage to cause mayhem wherever they are - drugs, drunk, robbing, thieving, abusing, beating and the shots fired! They should not be harrassed to work an event for an attraction that will encourage all of the above mentioned mayhem. Extra hours for extra pay? Sorry - overload and all to line the deep pockets of worthless entertainment.


Even if no cops want to work this, Im pretty sure the organizers will have no problems finding people to do this.


Let them find their own and pay top dollar.


My thoughts also, supply your own security. Our prayers are with you. :thumbsup:


By April 29 though doesn’t the season begin to wind down? And Easter this yr is a month before then. Many Snowbirds start to leave. The Rays will be playing baseball but they don’t draw crowds.

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