Tan Books, Original Translation. where to get?

i have a few books in mind and will most likely be ordering from amazon…but how do i know if it is the new translated version or not?

ive heard that the newer version was worse, can anyone tell me why?

thank you

and anyone know any sites to buy books besides amazon?
some of them are sold out

TAN Books is a publisher. Which titles are you specifically interested in?

First try going to your local catholic book store to give them support. Failing that the site I somethimes use it thriftbooks.com. Also, you can always go straight to the TAN books website and buy directly.

See tanbooks.com/

As an aside, I am glad that TAN Books has gotten on board with eBooks. My nook was hungering for good eBooks. Ignatius Press has also gotten eBooks online for purchase.

hey guys

im looking for true devotion to Mary and the spiritual combat



"This is the original TAN edition now with updated typesetting, fresh new cover, new size and quality binding, and the same trusted content. " – TAN publishing

The amazon reviews are very useful.
There are some Catholic Saints books that are translated by Protestants and modernized in language that can be very awful. Look up the translator, read the reviews and you will be able to tell 9 times out of 10. I bought an ‘Imitation of Christ’ version off of Amazon that was translated by a Protestant for Protestants essentially. Didnt know until it was in my hands and I read the foreward. Put up a review telling people so that others wouldnt make the same mistake.

As to ‘True Devotion to Mary’ , I dont think any protestant would attempt a translation of this for their use.

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