Tantum ergo questions


Hello, as vocations committee chair for my parish I am starting an adoration devotion. I have a deacon who is very receptive to such. He is older and knows latin very well. BUT is there a link anywhere out there with the song/chant Salutoris Hostia? I would like to listen to this song being sung over and over so I can memorize it for benediction and adoration. I must admit that Tantum Ergo is quite easy to sing and the melody of Salutoris Hostia is quite difficult.

ANy information would be appreciated.


The Gregorian melody is here (with mp3).

I’ve never heard it sung to that, though, in my parish. But I’ve heard these:
this (but slower),
this ,
or the tune for the English version "O Saving Victim opening wide"
And one more which I’m trying to locate (along with the O Saving Victm version).


There are any number of melodies for both Tantum Ergo and O Salutaris (including several different chant settings), but the most common settings are linked above.


The second (slower) one is the one. I went to I tunes and paid 99cents for a version sung by Ellen Carr. Her version is the exact version as the slower one. It is a VERY hard song to learn. For me at least. But it is the best 99cents I have spent in my whole life.



It may not be very helpful to the OP, but I think it is worth pointing out that the Gregorian tunes of many hymns present a challenge to the modern ear. They do not sound “modern,” nor are they supposed to. Many of them are very beautiful and artistic and need to be taken on their own terms. I know the “standard” tune for “O Salutaris Hostia,” and as such things go it is not awful, but the Gregorian setting is far more subtle and conducive to the meditative aspects of a great mystery.

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