Taoism and Christianity


Do Taoism & Chritianity conflict each other. Can a person consider themselves both?


Taoism is a pagan philosophy–so there must certainly be points of conflict. Doesn’t Taoism incorporate reincarnation? That’s pretty fundamental (hard to reconcile with a Judeo-Christian worldview)…

The Church teaches that it holds the fullness of truth in faith or morals, so what does Taoism have that doesn’t conflict, and yet adds to Catholic dogma?


In his Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis uses the tao to discuss natural law within the framework of Christianity. You may find it helpful.


The Dao De Ching the main text of taoism is very attractive to read like most eastern philosophy. It seems full of wisdom. But it is wisdom without divine revealation of the Incarnation. It proposes that the goal is to be “nothing.” There is something to be said about emptying of oneself, but where this philosophy ends is where Catholicism begins. Christ came to give us life and have it more abundantly. Our goal as Christians is definitely not nothing. Our goal is everything…God.

So the two really can’t in the final analysis run parallel to each other.

in XT.


Isn’t the Tao described as “…the Mother of all things?”

Right there, I’ve got a major problem.
“The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof…” says
"And He commanded, and all things were created.

As I recall, the Tao Te Ching also says, essentially,
"…those who know the Tao don’t speak…" and
"…those who speak do not know…" [both paraphrases]

which makes it sound to me like a form of gnosticism.


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