Taped recording for Palm Sunday Passion

Can someone please explain if you can have a taped recording of the gospel (Passion) for Palm Sunday?

Today at mass and I understand at all the masses celebrated today a taped recording of the passion was used instead of reading it from the missalette and the recording didn’t even follow Matthew’s gospel and when you are supposed to kneel and pause for a short period we didn’t do that either.

[62.] It is also illicit to omit or to substitute the prescribed biblical readings on one’s own initiative, and especially “to substitute other, non-biblical texts for the readings and responsorial Psalm, which contain the word of God”

[RIGHT]Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum

Also, the GIRM calls for Lectors, Deacons, or Priests to proclaim the Word of God. Not a recording.

Are you sure about that? We didn’t, only paused a second. I thought we knelt at that point on Good Friday only.

Our missalette (sp?) also says to kneel at that point on Palm Sunday.

I am sure you cannot licitly use a tape recording of the Gospel reading during Mass. The only situation I can think of where the Bishop might dispense this would be if the there was only 1 Priest and he was unable to read/speak the Gospel (I’m really stretching it here).

You are supposed to kneel during the Passion from any Gospel when Jesus dies on the cross. I have been to churches where it was a prolonged kneel (about 30 seconds) and just a “down and up” but it was always there.

Don’t let this take away from the beauty of the Passion and the great love for us it shows.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday.

Ah, right. We don’t use missalettes in our parish, so that wouldn’t have helped. The priest didn’t kneel himself or give any instruction to do so, so perhaps he forgot, or perhaps we don’t do it here. I’ll ask tomorrow.

Thanks for your input. I contacted my pastor by email and sighted that in the Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy 22.3 “no other person, even if he be the priest, may add, remove or change anything in the liturgy on his own authority” he wasn’t to happy with me and indicated he had made a pastoral decision to use the recording and intended to use it again on Good Friday. I was taught to respect the pastors and never questioned there understanding of church documents or church proceedings, so the tenor of his remarks to me were somewhat harsh. He did call me back later and apologized and we agreed to meet after Easter to discuss this and other items I have noticed in my new parish.

I had contacted the Office for Worship in my diocese with the same concerns and received a reply today, here is what they said.

Certainly the Passion is to be proclaimed by one or three live persons. The Church indicates that the Passion is proclaimed by deacons or priests or by lay readers. It does not suppose the faithful have any text (e.g. “Crucify him”). The role of the faithful is to listen, not follow along in missalettes waiting for their line. Doing this limits their ability to participate in the full breadth of the account of the Passion and its implication in their lives of discipleship.

The Lectionary gives two options for the proclamation of the Passion. It can be proclaimed by one priest or one deacon or by three people with the part of Christ reserved for the priest.

As for the silence and kneeling, the Lectionary does indicate “all kneel and observe silence”.

Office for Worship
Diocese of Cleveland
1404 East 9th St. - 6th Floor
Cleveland, OH 44114

There was nothing in the reply on how to go about correcting this.

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