Target sues Chattanooga girl's hero


I’m normally not a huge fan of boycotting corporations. Heck, I just got back from taking the kids to Disney, but Target is trying real hard to change my opinion.


What that story does not tell is that Michael Turner (the hero) came into the store, along with two friends, looking for Walls (the stabber) to settle an altercation that started elsewhere. It is only after Turner tried to keep Walls there against his will that Walls began stabbing the girl. So while Turner did intervene and save the girl, he was the cause of the confrontation in the store in the first place. Turner is not guilt-free. Target sued Turner after the girl’s family sued Target for having inadequate security. Target’s suit is over bringing an outside dispute into the store in the first place.


This is the first I’ve heard of this story, so I don’t know the details. While he was running through the store with a baseball bat chasing some guy, did he do anything else?:confused: Did he beat him with the baseball bat once he caught him? Because it’s very easy to cross the line between self-defense and vigilante justice. If he ran the knife wielding kid stabber down, and then beat him into a coma or something with a deadly weapon, he’s definitely crossed that line.


If that’s the case, I imagine the gentlemen would have been arrested and prosecuted by the local authorities. That he wasn’t even arrested should tell you something. We usually handle violent crimes through the criminal justice system in the US, not the civil.


While just chasing a guy through a store and threatening to restrain him may not be a crime, the standards for civil cases are much different. I don’t know if Target wins their case or not, but it was not such a crazy suit to file as the TV report would lead you to believe.


True, I was just asking because there weren’t many details in the article. Maybe they’re suing him because they think he chased a knife wielding maniac inside a crowded store, instead of chasing him away from people.

I remember several months ago in Detroit, some woman citizen who was packing a pistol tried to shoot out the tires of a vehicle filled with shoplifters fleeing a Home Depot. But I suppose that’s a lot different from the guy at Target.:shrug:


Very few people are going to do something crazy on purpose. It usually makes good sense at the time to them. The press however, is more than happy to cherry pick the parts that make a entertaining, though seldom wholly accurate and truthful, story.


Well, when it comes to chases, its the first guy (usually the guilty party), deciding what direction to go, the innocent guy just following him has no choice in where the first guy decides to go, so really target should be suing the one who did the stabbing.

That women that tried to shoot out tires sounds like the typical open carry individual, they are longing for that day they will get a chance to use it and be called a hero, they are so anxious for some type of event, they misjudge the severity of things, like shoplifters trying to flee, I mean, cmon, they dont even arrest shoplifters, its a citation crime. lol



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