Targeted Islamic outreach to US Hispanics achieving results

I am not a regular in this forum, so I must admit I am uninformed. However, I was unaware that Muslims evangelized, or that Hispanics in the US were considered an important group to be recruited.

Quoting from the Religion News Service article:

*On Dec. 22, 2013, Lopez took the “shahada” — the profession of the Islamic faith — and joined the ranks of what the American Muslim Council estimates is a 200,000 strong Hispanic Muslim community across the U.S.

Unlike previous generations of Hispanic Muslims who were attracted to the faith by their own spiritual explorations, Lopez and many others like him are converting as a result of targeted Islamic outreach efforts.*

“Many Latinos do not know about Andalusian Spain when Islam gave birth to much of what we know as Hispanic culture today, including over 3,000 Spanish words,” said Hernandez. “We are opening their eyes to how being Latino and Muslim makes perfect sense.”

As they convert, many face ostracism from their families who are predominantly Christian, often Catholic, and feel the converts are abandoning their Hispanic identity. Likewise, many Hispanic Muslims do not find a ready welcome in masjids that are largely made up of Middle Eastern, North African, South East Asian and African-American Muslims.

(There is more information at the link)

We sometimes hear about the inroads into the Hispanic population that Evangelical Christians are making. However, this is the first time I have heard of Islam proselytizing among them. How common is this? Are Hispanics, who used to be known for being fervent Catholics, becoming post-Catholic?

I’ve heard of stuff like this before, but I have no idea how true it is. I know that in Mark Steyn’s After America: Get Ready for Armageddon (ISBN# 9781596982796, 9781596988149, 9781596983274, 9781596981003), he said that Islamic conversions were paticularly common among members of drug cartels.

I’d take it with a grain of salt. If what I see is any indication, it’s the Pentecostal/Evangelical Christians that take the most Latinos out of the Church in the US (not to mention those that lapse into irreligion).

Also consider that 200,000 Hispanic Muslims out of a total US Hispanic population of at least
50.5 million (Source: is a rate of just under 0.4 percent. So maybe their mission efforts aren’t as successful as they claim.

There’s also the issue of “low-hanging fruit”; are they gaining converts from devout people or are they going after people who already have strong issues with Catholicism? Just from my own experience, most of the Pentecostal/Evangelical congregations in town have lots of bitter ex-Catholics.

Living in Canada, which does not have a strong evangelical presence, I’d be interested to know what attracts disgruntled Catholics to evangelical congregations, rather than traditional protestant churches; such as Anglican, united, Lutheran, etc. ?:confused:

Islam can celebrate and propogandize about having 200,000 Hispanic converts all day long, but in reality it loses about 6,000,000 Muslims per year to Christianity. Mathematically, we are still on top.


"In other words, Christians today in Syria are being persecuted based on the policies of major Western powers and the government of Turkey. Nobody expects feudal monarchs in Saudi Arabia and Qatar to care about the plight of Christians. After all, in Saudi Arabia the Christian faith is illegal. However, why are powerful Western nations siding with “the wrong side of history?”

Is this Islam?" You decide.

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