Tariff war declared





It’s the New York Times, not surprising they would make such a declaration.


Was choosing a gif featuring a fictional character as part of a military based on the Nazis a message?




Totally getting it; way to go!


Are you saying Trump didn’t impose the tariffs?


I just like Star Wars :nerd_face:


I never inferred President Trump hasn’t implemented tariffs.

But that doesn’t mean we are, or will be, in a tarried war. That is just the hysterical reporting typical of the NYT


I’ve not seen a single source refer to it otherwise. Even those who approve of it. He imposed tariffs; China is retaliating. What else would we call it?



Something tells me that China :cn: is preparing for another kind of war…

Consider yourselves warned.


I’m pretty sure this is going to continue to be an ongoing series of events.


The tariffs long threatened against billions of dollars in Chinese goods took effect just at midnight ET while many Americans were sleeping — but Beijing was ready immediately with a wake-up call of its own.

The new trade regulations imposed by the Trump administration, which levy a 25 percent tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports to the U.S., have “violated [World Trade Organization] rules and launched the largest trade war in economic history to date,” China’s Ministry of Commerce declared in a statement Friday.

And Chinese authorities quickly retaliated with equivalent tariffs on $34 billion worth of imported U.S. goods — previously promised as ranging from vehicles to soybeans, beef and other agricultural products.

Canada began imposing tariffs Sunday on US$12.6 billion in US goods as retaliation for the Trump administration’s new taxes on steel and aluminium imported to the United States.

Some US products, mostly steel and iron, face 25 per cent tariffs, the same penalty the United States slapped on imported steel at the end of May.

Other US imports, from ketchup to pizza to dishwasher detergent, will face a 10 per cent tariff at the Canadian border, the same as America’s tax on imported aluminium.


Even Fox is calling it a trade war, and has been for months.


The market doesn’t seem to be buying it for the moment. And no sell off of Treasuries either.


What specifically did you find “hysterical” about the NYT reporting of this story? It seemed quite factual and measured to me.


Sometimes ironies abound. The U.S. is spending millions upon millions of dollars on an investigation of “Russian interference” with U.S. elections, and the wailing is extreme.

But China (according to the article) is deliberately targeting “red states” to interfere with our political process, and all you hear or read about it are condemnations of…not China, but Trump.


Of course China is to blame for the drop in soybean prices.


What law did China break?


We should have tariffed China a long time ago.

As for Europe, if they want to put tariffs on us then we should stop funding NATO. Let them pay for their own defense if that’s what they want.


They don’t want Trump to succeed in steering us towards balanced trade.
None of their stories cover the current trade disadvantages we are under.
Anything but Trump.

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