Tarnished Copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church Book


A friend of mine at work gave me the book, “Catechism of the Catholic Church”. The reason he gave it to me was because he said he is no longer Catholic and doesn’t believe in the Catholic Church anymore. Although he considers himself a Christian, he just doesn’t profess to any particular faith. I had mentioned to him last year that I wanted to get my own copy of the Catechism and he told me not to buy one and he would give me his. I thought that was very generous of him. Anyway, I took the book and put it on my bookshelf where it sat for several months. So today, I was in the mood for reading and decided to read the Catechism.

To my shock and horror as I flipped through the pages, he had handwritten lots of comments with passages underlined on many of the pages such as “this is whacked”, “This is stupid stuff”, “The Church doesn’t know what it’s talking about”, “and this is crazy”. Unfortunately, much of what he wrote is in ink and I can’t erase it. Although I would like to have my own copy of the Catechism but not one with derogatory comments about the Catholic Church written throughout the book. My question is, what do I do with the book? Should I throw it out? I don’t think it would be right to donate to a bookstore and library because of the un-catholic like comments. Any suggestions!

By the way, I can’t give it back to him because he has moved (across country) and I have no idea where he lives now and I haven’t talked to him since he moved.

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I would burn it or throw it away.


Throw it away. Don’t donate it to Good Will or anyplace where it might get into someone’s hands.


Definitely throw it away! :eek:

I’ve sent you a PM.


Wow. Why didn’t he just get it over with and write, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” on every page? :slight_smile:


It’s not a Blessed or sacred item… I would just throw it away or next time you have a BBQ toss it in and have some marshmallows. We should all pray for fallen away and lukewarm catholic.



Burn it or RIP it up before throwing in the garbage.


Thank you all for your comments and suggestions and I will do just that - throw it away. I just wasn’t sure how to properly dispose of a Catholic book that should be respected. I’m still in a state of shock over some of the comments he wrote in there, especially because of the reputation he had at work. When he was working there we had many discussions about the Catholic Church and although he left the Church he was always polite and respected my pro-Catholic positions.



I wouldn’t burn it or throw it away… I would look through it for clues to why he is so angry and bitter and gently lead him back… he is lost! When he wrote, “This is whacked” did he expound? I would look for clues… this is like a cry for help and you have the clues to why he is crying out… He is your friend after all is he not? Friends don’t let friends burn do they? Pray for him! Pray for the HS to help you show him the way back.

But by all means buy a new copy for yourself… they are relatively cheap. My kids each have their own copy because school requires it and my bible study references it… we all write what we learn in ours too. Looking back into mine shows me where I have grown and learned… Sometimes when I borrow theirs because my copy is in the car or where ever… I love to read what they have learned so I can have a discussion about it…


I think it would be best to burn it so it doesn’t get into anybody’s hands. Anyway, this is very sad. :frowning: Praying that this person comes back to the Catholic Church. :signofcross:


Throw it away and go ask your parish office or RCIA director for a copy. The paperback version is only about $8.00 if they sell it.

Amazon carries them too.


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