Tarot Cards for Art/Card Game Playing

Being very aware of the dangers that are possessed in using tarot cards for divination and the such, I was wondering if there would be any harm in owning one of the old deck forms (the ones they used to play trump games in like the 18th century (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarot_of_Marseilles) for the sake of admiring the artwork and for adding some beautiful decorative cards to play trump games with to my regular card deck:compcoff:

As long as you are not using them for occult purposes I don’t see a reason why you can’t keep them. Mind you that you should also be aware of the near occasion of sin. You might be tempted to use them for divination

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Do you think the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus, or the saints would have kept a deck of tarot cards under any circumstances?

We shouldn’t have anything in our houses that we’d be ashamed of if Christ were to ever drop by for a visit.

I wouldn’t want those in my house, beautiful or not. Can’t you find some other artwork which is not that which is just as nice? Well, it’s just that I think people have gone to hell for less.

Another problem is that it “gives scandal”, potentially, could teach others evil who don’t know about this, encouraging them to participate.

If I did ever own such a thing, I doubt I would leave it in fine view for all my house guests to see.

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I wouldn’t own anything that pertains to the occult, beautiful or not. Just as sacramentals are physical are used for the good, thing that have an obvious occultic use are a means in the opposite direction. Why open yourself up to that?

Here’s an interesting series of posts on actual historical Tarot: patheos.com/blogs/godandthemachine/2013/07/reclaiming-tarot/

If you don’t pretend to do the stupid fortune telling ****, you’re actually reclaiming a game that inspired many of our current card games and reclaiming a bit of European Christian history.

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Would you play with a cobra? A black widow?

Chuck 'em.

The variance of opinion here is interesting.

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Yeah, this happens sometimes when there’s no definitive teaching on something, and in this case, on just owning them.

Personally, I don’t think it’s harmful in itself to own these cards for the sake of admiring just the artwork. However, other questions (as others have said) arise such as possibility of scandal and encouragement of others either in your household, or those who come to visit, to use them. Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth the effort to try to keep them when there are so many other alternatives out there.

God bless! :slight_smile:


If they are kept, though, perhaps a priest blessing should be done on them. That way, at least, if someone were to get a hold of them some day and try to use them for occult practices, it may not actually work. Maybe, I’m not sure. :shrug:

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Honestly I wish playing cards had more decorative art. Or that there existed out there playing cards with very beautiful vibrant colored images like those on tarot cards.

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Tarot cards actually came from playing cards.

From what I’ve read in research its true. What happened is that they eventually became converted to an occult thing and that is all they are known for now.

I would think unless you use them for divination there isn’t any harm. (course if death pops out of the deck everytime you pick it up I’d go get some advice from some pagans!)

What’s more you can utilize conventional cards for divination. It’s awkward and difficult but you can. So I’m guessing intent here.

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I’d say that with Ouija boards myself, if you don’t know what your doing. I don’t like that you have Omegle for Spiritual Beings in the kids section of stores.

It seems the conversation is showing a variance away from the Catholic mentality I am trying to understand it with. The point of the thread was to assume what approach one should have (who is Catholic) when it comes to Tarot Cards for decorative art and trump games.

As a previous catholic I’d guess there fine. As a current Pagan I think they shouldn’t have to be blessed because tarot cards don’t have little demons in them or something. They’re just a tool used to tell the future. Like I said you can do it with regular playing cards too. They’re all just pieces of card stock unless used otherwise.

You don’t that certain companies might curse their decks or put “good” spells on them and stuff?

I doubt both. I can’t think pointless malevolence is the “bag” of many Pagans. Good spells possibly but magick isn’t some mumbo jumbo words its candle and focus and incense and whatever else the person working the spell finds fitting. Magick is a whole lot of work to be systematically putting on cards. If you’d like to know for sure though I can ask on a pagan forum for you. :slight_smile:

Comedian Steven Wright has a joke, “I played poker last night with Tarot cards. I drew a royal flush and three people died.” :smiley:

They’re just cards with pictures on them, although admittedly I’ve never seen a tarot card in real life.
The cards themselves aren’t cursed or evil. It’s what you do with them that causes trouble. I could draw pictures or write words on Post-It Notes and attempt to conjure evil spirits.

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