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I am sure this has been brought up before but arent tarot cards a bad thing. I just went round and round with my step daughter about them and made her get them out of the house… I do not like what they imply ,what they invove or anything. Of course the kids at school all think i am nuts. What is the truth behind these things…?:confused:


Yes, they are a bad thing. They have to do with fortune telling, divination, etc, and they are forbidden by the Bible and the Church. Definitely get them out of the house. They are not harmless.


One of the key parts of Christianity if Faith in God and Hope in His promises. This and other types of “fortune telling” go against Faith and the total reliance on the One God that produces that Hope. Not to mention God says to have no other gods before Him. To put our faith in something else is just that.


Not only are Tarot cards sinful (divination, ect) I hear they also spread heresy- one of the cards is called the “female Pope” I believe :mad:


Get them out of the house…and then I would call your priest and have him come bless your house with Holy Water and Holy Salt. Can’t hurt. :smiley:


I second this! Terrot cards, weegy boards (I know I spelled that wrong, but my spell check isn’t finding the right spelling) these things are not only against our Faith, but they are conduates for deamons to enter your home. yeah, sounds very sci-fi, but it’s true. call that priest ASAP. also, you may want to snoop in your step daughter’s room to make sure nothing else like this is in there. magic stones and other such things.


I second all that has been said. Get rid of the terrot cards, weegy boards, and anything and everything that smacks of the like. Make sure you don’t consult fortune tellers or nonsense of the same.


I would suggest asking your daughter what purpose she had in mind with the Tarot deck.
Did she actually want to use them to do readings?
Or does she just think of them as decorative or interesting?
Also I would second Queen Anne’s idea. Have a priest bless the house
By the way, I’ve most often seen it spelled “ouija” board.


I recomend reading the Catechism, right there under the First Commandment.


Thank you for your great answers. They were never used in the house ,she just brought them in the door.I will talk to our priest about coming to the house for a blessing…Again Thank you so much for the help…:slight_smile:


From the Catechism of the Catholic Church (emphasis mine):

2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to “unveil” the future. **Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums **all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.

She might think they are just a game, but tarot cards (and ouija boards) are doors to evil.



As a recent convert, I actually have some experience with using Tarot cards. I have always been a skeptic, and viewed them as “for entertainment only”. I bought my cards when I was in my teens, and I would do fortunes for my friends at lunch time (it was a great way for a geeky kid to get some attention). I also did fortunes as a fund-raiser, at a (public) school fair. I learned, though, that although I didn’t put any stock in my fortunes, other people did. There is one card which I misunderstood to mean “there is no marriage possible”; when I told teenage girls this, they were greatly dismayed. And when I drew the Death card when doing a reading for a pregnant teacher, and saw her reaction, I knew that she would be worried for the rest of her pregnancy. After that, I put the cards away for 20 years or more.

I pulled them out at Halloween a couple of years ago. I carefully removed all the cards with negative connotations, such as Death, The Fool, Judgement, etc. This got rid of about 1/3 of the deck, BTW. To do my “readings”, I would have the person draw a single card, and then I would make up something positive to say, based on the card. I never said anything negative. But when I heard what people were saying I had told them, and compared it to what I had actually said, I realized that people weren’t even hearing my messages. So I will not use them again, and I probably should throw them out.

BTW, in my deck there was no “Female Pope” card; I can’t recall hearing of such a card, I don’t think it’s standard. The cards that might be similar are the “High Priestess” and the “Empress”. However, the imagery used on some of the cards in the most popular tarot deck (the Waite-Rider deck) would be offensive and troubling to Catholics, something I didn’t realize until much more recently.


Right on…GET THEM OUTIE NOWIE!! I’ve told this story before on another post, so excuse me for repeating myself but when I was a teenager I got ahold of a Quigi Board that my girlfriends and I loved to play with. One day not too long after we had played it a few times my mom came into my room, went into my closet, grabbled it and said, “This thing is dangerous, God says no and I say no, so out it goes.” (parents back then didn’t feel like they had to go into detail about the whys and wherefores, what they said went, period!):yup:


I don’t know there’s a book called “Meditations on the Tarot” and the foreward is by a Cardinal Hans Urs von Balthasar. It had to do with Christian Hermeticism and meditation on the levels of the Tarot, I don’t know how “evil” they really are. Perhaps you have to be developed very high spiritually to delve into such things.



Interesting book. It seems to be about taking certain of the tarot cards (the Major Arcana) as a subject for Christian meditation. It doesn’t seem to be endorsing the tarot for fortune telling.

However, it still looks pretty dodgy to me; the fact that the author is anonymous is far from reassuring. I think there are many books which are easier to read, and more beneficial. It won’t be on my reading list any time soon–if ever.


I thought the death card wasn’t bad, I thought it meant life change or something, not necessarilly death?

I guess attempting to use the cards would be sinful, but since I don’t believe anyone can read someone elses future, or read minds, or really any other sort of “magic”. I think they’re pretty harmless myself, since you aren’t actually doing any sorcery or divination. But the Bible does say don’t even try I believe.


Tarot cards have very little to do with ‘magic’ or fortune-telling or even religion unless you make them that. I’ve always thought of them more as representations of common symbols or archetypes already present in one’s mind, very useful for organizing them and sorting things out. They’re not prescient, the reader instead fits them to the person being read, and often it’s quite useful in giving advice to someone who might be less than accepting of being straight-out told something. And when it isn’t… well, it isn’t. They’re not magic, and you don’t have to follow them slavishly just as you don’t have to follow anything else like that.

There is no ‘female pope’ card. There’s a High Priestess, which is about the closest you’ll get. But she can be considered a representation of the Jungian anima (the Magician being the animus), not a religious figure.

Also you have the tarot to thank for the modern playing card deck – remove the major arcana, ditch the Knight cards, and you have four suits of playing cards.


Tarot is evil, pure and simple, and out of every given reading, the MAJORITY have negative outcomes.

I used to dabble in the occult and Tarot was one of those things. You can find my story here:


Please share this with your daughter. I could have been killed…I could have been framed for murder. All because I thought that Tarot was “entertaining”. For this cult, it was deadly serious.

Shortly after the above incident, I met a friend in a new job…she was Wiccan, and called herself a psychic. (I was still involved in occult practices myself at the time). She told me that she believed Tarot to be pure evil, is based upon and powered by evil, and she would not allow it in her home, dissuaded anyone who was interested in it from using it, and said it was a doorway to Hell.

This, coming from a Wiccan. Take note.

And please read my story. I know it’s long, but it’s important that anyone who thinks stuff is a game…it’s not.

The Church doesn’t condemn divination because it’s a joke…she condemns it because there is real power there, and it doesn’t come from God. It is a sin against the 1st Commandment, an act of worship and trust to another entity which is not God, and believe you me…that entity only wants your soul. Nothing more. And it spouts lies dressed up in a little truth here and there…

As Hamlet said, “The devil hath power t’assume a pretty face…”


Actuually the authors name is Valentin Tomberg who converted to Catholicism in 1943.He also wrote "Christ And Sophia: Anthroposophic Meditations on the Old Testament, New Testament, And Apocalypse " and “Come Forth Lazurus”


I did read your story, and I think you’re reading far too much into the cards (among other things). The tarot themselves are just pieces of paper with pictures and letters/numbers on them. If you want to claim to use them for divination, that’s your thing, but very few people beyond freakish pagans take that kind of claim seriously. Sure, the guy who was reading for you was quite possibly a psychopath, but that doesn’t make seventy-odd pieces of paper inherently evil any more than people like Fred Phelps or Paul Hill make the book of Leviticus inherently demonic.

As for the claim that he was possessed by Legion, well, that’s a little melodramatic for me to buy – not to mention, the lwa Papa Legba has completely different characteristics from the Legion if you look into the voudoun religion and mythography. He is the guardian of the crossroads and communication between the human and the divine, more psychopomp than pig-botherer.

I’ve made several tarot readings in my time, and while some of them have indicated trouble in the present or near-future (the sort of thing I or the querent saw coming anyway – relationship issues, money problems, that sort of thing… you can see those coming miles off if you pay attention) they were by and large positive – even ridiculously so, and we’ve generally been living up to that without constantly reminding ourselves of how the cards happened to fall. They also suggested possible solutions for these problems already in mind, simply bringing those ideas to the fore. There wasn’t any kind of divination there, nothing mystical, just clarifying ideas and concepts already present but kind of shoved into the back of the mind. Sometimes one’s mind just needs a little kick to get into action, and the tarot is just one way of giving it that gentle shove.

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