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Question for y’all… I liked to write stories. When I was younger, I enjoyed using tarot spreads as random plot generators. This is my character, this is the problem, this is the solution, etc. And then I could connect the dots and come up with a story that fit the elements-- or even a different story that ran off in its own direction, but those elements served as the spark of inspiration. It often made me work with elements that I wouldn’t have normally imagined on my own, or solutions I wouldn’t have puzzled out myself, and so on. Yay-rah, I was happy.

So-- I want to get back into writing. The question I have is, is this technique morally permissible? Are tarot cards intrinsically wrong to own or use? Or is it all about the intent-- if I wanted to structure my life around tarot, that would be wrong, but it’s okay to use as a random story-bones generator?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

First of all, I’m familiar enough with the tarot cards to understand completely where you’re coming from. I think it’s an interesting idea, although I have some reservations.

One problem inherent in this is that it might dispose a person to be overly reliant on the cards, even in little ways, such as believing one is incapable of being creative without them. This is turn could lead to further problems, such as simply being predisposed to superstitious ideas. Developing a subtle sympathy or bias towards the occult is never a good idea. Moreover, it can be presumptuous to think this can be used in a way that is perfectly innocent, because your faith is much too strong, and you are not remotely foolish enough to fall prey to this.

Another problem is impossible to state without being blunt: things like this are big neon signs that attract extra demonic influence. Never forget that demons are legalists. While it’s true that you may not have certain intentions while using these cards, your use of them could be seen as an implicit opening of yourself to their influence. Moreover, this ties in with my first objection, because you may very well begin to subconsciously open yourself up to hidden influences for the sake of creating more interesting stories, thus inviting the evil spirit to affect your mind.

I think that, on the level of prudence, the risks outweigh the benefits, and I think you could construct a similar approach to story-board making without relying on occult tools. It’s best not to play with this.

I agree with this post.

I also agree.


Anyone.one in the exorcism.or deliverance ministry will.tell you.

Just having an occult object in your house, opens doors to demons in the property and in your life.

The images on the cards are images of demons, further opening the influence of the demonic on your house and life.

Most objects created for the occult, have been consecrated to Satan! And cursed with a curse of demonic misfortune on anyone who later owns those objects.

You must burn those cards and splash Holy water on them and on your house.

Say it on confession.
And be safe!!!

There are many other tools you can use nowadays as inspiration for stories.
You could start collecting your favourite images from the Internet and magazines/ comics. Print and cut them all out. Put them into little containers in categories, eg; characters, locations, objects, weather, etc… And make your story up that way

Also you can buy loads of little boxes of story cube generators. It is a little box with six dices.
You roll them all and whatever images that dices show, you must generate a story with those images.

There are also many online story generators now, and possibly even apps,

The ipod or ipad app, “Toontastic”, helps you visually generate images for a story choosing from their characters, locations, objects, and even backing music.

Collections of dices with images for generating stories:
They are in small sets, and not dear at all, only a few dollars,



Also available as an app, “Rory’s Story Cubes”, where the dices and images are on the app,

Try these online story generators:
They will give you plot suggestion, or plot points, or random images (absolutely fantastic,)









Also, buy this book of story cards!! :slight_smile:
It comes with three decks of card images for mixing and creating story prompts.





Story Generator cards, set of 540 story ideas on different cards,
Called “the Storymatic” (see amazon.com)

Can combine with “The Storymatic Kids” (set of 360 story generator cards)


Online plot generator

Tarot cards: No bueno. For any reason. :nope:

The last few posts of mine include suggestions of websites or cards for generating stories, that are just for generating stories.

So bin those tarot cards!!!
The Bible says in Acts, that those who converted from black magic, all met and burned their books publicly.

Bin or burn those tarot cards.

scuffs toes I suspected as much. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you for the links; I’ve had a good time going through them. It was such a pretty deck, too…

Off to go work without any crutches.

One year at at a Christmas Craft fair where I had hand made rosaries on display, the organiser had put the local Tarot reading person next to me,

She refused to set up near me saying that I would not like it, They moved her,… the next year they put her way across the room, I still got back looks…

The most supernatural I get is taking the fortunes I slip out of my cracked open fortune cookies seriously. I do, because they always seem to apply to what is going on in my life at the time!

You are kidding…

I fear not. the newspaper horoscopes here…some folk treat them as “gospel”

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