Tarot troubles.


Hey, everyone! This is my first post on this excellent forum! :smiley:

I recently had someone give me a tarot reading. Yes, yes, I know it’s wrong, and I agreed mostly to appease him rather than to satisfy my own curiosity.

The trouble is, I’m now worried that he’s ‘planted seeds’ in my subconscious, e.g. specifics about the guy I’ll marry in the future. I don’t want to miss out on the REAL guy because I’m subconsciously expecting another to come along. Do you know what I mean? sigh

I’m trying hard not to think about anything he said, but that’s like trying not to think about pink elephants. I suppose I’m more impressionable than I thought… :rolleyes:

Would any of you know of any specific prayers I can say in this type of situation? Could this ‘information’ ever be erased? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance for any help! :thumbsup:


Welcome to the forums!!

About the tarot cards, like yourself, I do believe it is wrong to view them. My friend went to a fortune teller who told her she would be dead within the year and she was terrified to cross the road etc etc for the whole year but it turned out to be a false prediction - Satan is the “father of lies”.
If I were you I would go to Confession and confess it and put it out of your mind. Satan will try to get you all worried about your future (missing out on the right guy etc) - don’t let him!!


And these are perfect examples how these types of “prediction” tools are so contrary to the religious life.

Rather than living each day for God, our minds become distracted by things we’ve been told by our "horoscope, tarot readings, ouiji boards, etc.). We can easily become slightly obsessed by these thoughts.

Like the OP indicated, she now views her world through the tarot reading, rather than through the holy spirit. She sees the world and the men around her through those jaded glasses- rather than through a relationship and trust in God. This would also apply to the person who became afraid to LIVE for fear they were going to die.

I agree, seek counsel from your local REAL spiritual advisor (your local Catholic priest) and tell him your fears.

May God bless you and give you peace.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host - by the Divine Power of God - cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits, who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. **



Don’t worry - the Right Man will come regardless of your tarot reading. No tarot reading can drown real love. As long as you know that, don’t worry. Tell Satan he can go to h*ll and just live your life and be righteous! (I would go to confession about the tarot, though. It’s a sin.) :cool:


God is all powerful, and Satan has reduced himself to stooping to using parlor tricks and lies. He’s very skilled at it but ultimately God is so much more powerful. God formed you with such a burning love he knows every part of you. If he made you to be married he won’t let you miss out on the guy that he made just for you. He made yall both with each other in mind, to meet each other or recognize your love when he knows it is the perfect time, not what yall think is the best time. Simply go to confession and put the tarot reading out of your mind, and never do it again. Satan is good at whispering bad things in your ear, but God is immeasurably strong, infinitely wise, and he loves you. He won’t let you miss out on the right guy. At the same time you need to love him and trust him, and don’t get hopeless or desperate. Love everyone with zeal through the Holy Spirit. God won’t let you down.


Thank you so much for the replies and advice! I already feel much better. :slight_smile:

I didn’t even think to confess it, actually, :eek: but I most definitely will now!

Thanks again and God bless you all as well. :smiley: :thumbsup:


For every Tarot spread, there are a hundred interpretations of what those cards mean.


This is slightly off topic and I apologize, but has anyone else heard Weird Al’s Horoscope Song? It’s one of my favorites.



Grace & Peace!

Ginger, I think there are a lot of things involved in any act of divination that make it contrary to religion (though scripture does provide us with examples of approved divinatory activities–the oracular use of the Urim and the Thummim by the high priests and kings of Israel, and the drawing of lots to determine the successor of Judas in Acts are two acts of divination that come to mind, but these occur in very strict, very controlled religious contexts–the people of Israel were not casting about the Urim and the Thummim on their own, and the Apostles did not draw lots whenever they had to make a decision).

If we assume that tarot cards have an innate capacity to provide their reader with the ability to see the future, the conclusions we must draw are–their power is from God, or, their power is infernal. If their power is from God, one would expect a little more information regarding their virtues, etc. explained by the church in this regard. It is not. This option is not a very good one. If their power is infernal, then their predictions cannot be trusted, coming as they would from the father of lies.

However, the assumption that the images of a tarot card in themselves have some sort of intrinsic vibrational quality that leads one to prognosticate, which quality is lent to them by hell–I think this assumption is rather poor. Anything can be used for divination–on a basic level, symbols and a concomitant meanings can be paired together and as long as these associations are maintained, any system so contrived can be used as a system of divination once an element of chance is introduced. This does not mean that the symbol, the image, etc. are all infernal. As such, it is the act of reading in itself that must be seen as the source of the divination’s virtue or vice, which virtue cannot lie in the cards, the runes, the sticks, the bones, the what-have-you in themselves.

Following this explanation, the tarot deck becomes a series of neutral image-archetypes that are then interpreted or given meaning-value by a reader. It is the reader’s associations with the image archetypes, coupled with the reader’s intuition (and/or possibly an infusion of grace, and/or deceit) that determines the “predictions.” The intuition here is key–people like to make meaning. Place a random series of image-archetypes in front of anyone and they’re likely to digest it all and create a coherent story from it. That’s just the way we are as people. We follow meaning-clues. A prediction “comes true” when it is obsessively believed (in other words, we make it come true), or when the intuition of the reader is keen enough to extrapolate from, name, or highlight the dominant patterns of a situation.

Of course, as indicated above, divine or infernal intervention can occur (as it always can), but the mere possibility of the one or the other does not guarantee either. As such, the only thing one has to go on is the intuition of the reader.

However–intuition is not predictive. Intuition is merely descriptive and can describe an observed pattern of behavior forming, continuing, or ending. We all do this on a daily basis–walking into a room, we can read the “energy” of the room–is it sad, is it happy, is it meditative, has someone just said something insulting–we read faces, we read silences, we read between the lines, and we figure it out. We’re not predicting anything.

If we agree with all this so far, then we must admit to ourselves that what the tarot reading reveals (at its best) is a possible understanding/interpretation of *general * current patterns of behavior, the accuracy of which will be determined (less any supernatural intervention) by the keeness of the intuition of the reader. The reading can therefore only be seen as a possibility given current circumstances. It cannot be fixed. It cannot be determined. It cannot describe “fate”.




All this may make divination sound like its just another thing we can do to pass the time or hone our intuitive skills. But this is not quite the case. What makes the act of divination or the tarot reading contrary to religion is not the cards or the physical objects in themselves–it rests on the people involved in two ways:

1–Divination has the potential of thwarting free will. If we see the outcome of the divination as fate, we will bind ourselves to it, we will give it power to determine our lives, and we will abdicate our God-given freedom to choose. Christianity is not a fatalistic religion.

2–In believing that a tarot reading reveals the machinations of fate, one substantively is believing that we can wrest from God the secrets of the future, and in doing so, we oppose ourselves to God and abdicate our freedom to an interpretation of a random pattern of images. It is this opposition to God that can open the door to infernal influence–but the opposition does not require any further tampering from the Enemy–it’s bad in itself and is its own punishment. Can a tarot reading be good? Well, nothing is impossible for God, a reader may receive a grace in his/her interpretations–such things are not impossible–but as a rule, I would not rely on a tarot reading for very much. Test the spirits, says Paul.

I write all of this only to say this: Your future was not predicted in that reading. It lies with Christ, not with a reader of cards. I say this also to try to prevent you from fearing the tarot or tarot readers, or your own experience with tarot. Fearing these things is to give them power out of all proportion to their value. Fear God instead–that is, be in awe of the power of God who leads you to a bright future in Christ. The advice to go to confession with this is good. Go to confession. And move forward in grace.

Under the Mercy,

Deo Gratias!


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