Tasteful but not necessarily religious pop music?

I’ve been looking for some kind of Web site that reviews pop music based on general decency as well as quality. I do know about commonsensemedia.org, and that’s probably the closest thing I’ve found to what I’m looking for. However, that site is primarily directed toward parents trying to decide what to allow their kids to buy, not parents trying to decide what to buy themselves.

I’m looking for something along the lines of the film reviews of Steven D Greydanus and Michael Medved – reviews that evaluate contemporary music based on the values it reflects as well as the quality of the work and the depth of its content. (I don’t care how clean Justin Bieber’s music may be; I’m not going there.)

I listen to music most frequently when I’m running or otherwise exercising, but unfortunately, much of the music that really puts me in the mood for a good workout doesn’t have a good message, even if I buy the so-called “clean” version.

OneRepublic is a really good band and their lyrics are clean. I think one of their songs has the “s” word in it (another word for poo and rhymes with “it”), but thats the only curse word of the album.
U2 is always a great choice. Their songs always get me going when I work out.
Muse is an awsome band. They might be more rock than pop, but their clean and they have some insane beats.
If your really looking for just general pop, The Corrs are really good.
I second the Justin Bieber thing btw. Listening to him counts as torture.

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