Tastefully Simple and other network marketing careers


I was wondering if anyone here has had success with network marketing. I’ve been thinking about joining up with Tastefully Simple, but I have doubts. I love the idea of having more time with my husband, and eventually our children (when we have them), while keep a job. Does anyone have an opinion on this?


I do not know anyone who has ever earned more than a little spending money with these types of home party businesses.

You have to spend money on the kits, and the “parties” are all on nights and weekends. The only way to make money is to find lots of people to host lots of parties, not exactly the way to spend more time with your husband and kids.

I think it’s great if you like the products and want discounts on them for yourself-- like Pampered Chef and Stampin Up-- but I would not go in to this expecting to make a lot of money. Only the people at the top of the pyramid make the money. Expect a little spending money, if anything at all.


I couldn’t have said it better than previous poster…lots of time away from home (lots of time at home making calls, etc), lots of money invested in inventory or display or start-up kits…I’ve been involved w/3 mlm’s & while I enjoy this type of work (selling is the line of work, no matter what the product), it is no better & worse, imo, than a 9-5 type of scenario.

I did love the products & enjoyed some degree of success w/2 of the businesses, which I actually did “work” however, it has been my experience that those who truly earn a great income have years invested, have largely worked their mlm busn as a 2nd job & are either single women or those w/no children…again, just my experience.

Perhaps if you found a hobby or interest, say like interior decorating or if you have a talent, like writing or are artistic, you could develop your own home-based busn to work around your & your family’s schedule.

There is a book/cd set promoted by Dave Ramsey, financial guru, written by a friend of his named Dan Miller enititled 48 Days to Creative Income you may want to consider exploring.

Good luck in your pursuit!!! I think it’s wonderful you are thinking about this now!!!


I’m involved with a direct sales company myself, and I can pretty much agree w/ the previous posters. My upline in the company I am with is & has been very successful; but she has, for almost all of the 20 yrs. she’s been doing it, treated it as if it were a 9 to 5 job; making calls, mailings, lots of follow up with hosts/customers, recruiting, etc.

And just to throw my $.02 in on another thing, more specific to the company you are looking into…

I am one that loves to have parties - I like getting stuff for free, what can I say? :smiley: However, I have said that Tastefully Simple is one party I’ll never have. Anyone who has ever had one said it’s a lot of prep work on their end to get ready for the party. And me - I like it simple - throw out a veggie &/or fruit tray, some simple snacks & drinks, and there you go.

While I love the product of the co. that I am with, I will say - if I were to quit (or go inactive), and want to choose another, it would be something along the lines of Creative Memories, where people need to replace things and are constantly having new albums to work on. Something where you know you’ll get reorders, and fairly often, at that.


My sister buys Tastefully Simple and has given me a number of their products. A friend of hers sells Tastefully Simple. I am into gourmet food and am willing to pay top dollar for the best products–Starbucks coffee, imported Parmesan ($15 a lb.), and similar. But I think Tastefully Simple is way overpriced for the packaged, often powdered mixes. With any of those home-based businesses, you run the risk of alienating your friends who feel prevailed upon to buy things they don’t really like. Furthermore, I knew someone who was an accountant for a lot of home-based businesses. She said most of them broke even or made a small profit. The most profitable one (a Longaberger baskets sales person) cleared $3000 after working nearly full-time at it. I can think of a lot of other ways to spend my time than a full-time job that clears $3K in a year! Just my: :twocents:


You all have been very helpful! Thank you for your advice. I’ve decided against starting one of these businesses. I’d rather do something that I know I will love!


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