Tate-LaBianca murders, 40 years ago

I was just reading about the Tate-LaBianca murders which were 40 years ago today. What a horror. wtop.com/?nid=104&sid=1735751 There’s a lot more on Wikipedia. I wish I (or someone!) could have been there to prevent them, to convince these people that they didn’t need to be evil. or at least not let them carry out such carnage. I’m glad they’ve been brought to justice. but how many others there are who are carrying wounds. Manson really had a rough, rough childhood. (I didn’t see anything about a relation, but I wonder if he’s related to Marilyn(sp?).) May the Lord have mercy on them all. They are in need of our prayers for conversion.

Oh, I forgot to mention, totally needed a breather after reading all that. need brain cleaning now. :D.


i was 17 years old and lived in the midwest when those murders happened. the 60’s was a decade full of evil, assasinations of john and robert kennedy and martin luther king jr.,
the race riots, the political riots, the anti-war riots, but the killings of sharon tate and others at her home was very chilling! i was afraid as far away as i lived from california.
i watched a special on tv and one of the women involved in the killings had been the high school prom queen. the killings were senseless, especially of the very pregnant sharon tate.

I was 14 and living in Los Angeles when these killings took place. It was HUGE news.
When the trial was going on, we went to the courthouse and saw Manson’s followers camped outside with the swastikas carved in their forehads with hair pins. Very eerie.

Sharon Tate is buried in Holy Cross Cemetary in Culver City, Ca.

for someone who was only 14, that must have been a scary experience to see people who were actually followers of charles manson after hearing the news about the terrible murders.
sharon tate was a beautiful woman. how sad that the murders happened. i don’t think i have ever heard any of the other family members of the other murdered victims speak out about the murders other than the mother and sister of sharon tate.

Speaking of assassinations, riots, etc, it reminds me of the early 1900’s, Europe, but especially Russia. And the height of the evil was communism/socialism.

The killings were so senseless! The house where Tate was renting, used to be rented by a man who Manson hated. It makes you want to investigate more deeply when buying/renting, but how does anyone get that information. About the only way to avoid that kind of situation is pray.

On another note, I’m getting the book “Helter Skelter”, the story of it all by the Prosecutor, out of the library. Does anyone have anything to say about it?

yes, the book Helter Skeleter by Vincent Bugliosi (not sure of last name) is really good. he was the prosecutor. very well written. the house was rented by Terry Melcher (who was the son of Doris Day) and his girlfriend candace bergen.
charles manson and some of his family were also close friends of the Beachboys Brian Wilson and had even lived at his house for awhile. charles was hoping that Brian Wilson could help him get a recording contract of some kind.
i also had read a good book about Sharon Tate.
it is also sad that the La Biancas were both killed in such a horrible way the followng evening.

It just has ‘diabolic’ written all over it.

yes, you chose the perfect word to describe those murders.

Helter Skelter is most assuredly a creepy yet fascinating book to read. Manson came from a completely fouled up background and somehow managed to attract all sorts of people…from runaways to celebrities and everything in between.

My pals and I secretly took the bus that day to go downtown to the courthouse and see this spectacle his followers were creating. Seeing it on the news every day made it irresistable to our young minds, so we had to go see it all “up close and personal”, so to speak. My parents had a fit I got grounded for a month for doing it ! (But it turned out to be worth it in the long run ! LOL )

When I saw those girls camped ou and chanting on the sidewalk I was convinced I was staring into the face(s) of Satan himself. Creeped me out BIG TIME !

I remember them vividly-I was almost 15 years old back then.

BTW-the last name is ‘LoBianco’, not ‘LaBianca’…Leno and Rosemary LoBianco.

I just read that Tex Watson might be paroled from prison. And one of the women murderers, Susan Atkins, is dying of brain cancer. I hope neither one of them get paroled…they showed no mercy to a pregnant woman begging for thei life of her unborn child, so why should they be freed?

I’m sorry if I sound harsh, but I’m tired of coddling killers! :mad:

And I favor the death penalty, too…

i didn’t know that tex watson might be paroled from prison. i hope he doesn’t get out either. also didn’t know that susan atkins was dying of brain cancer. did any of the families of these young people ever speak out? i know that charles manson grew up in foster homes i think and he had been in prison almost his whole adult life. i don’t think any should be freed. i can’t imagine the nightmare that these murdered victims went through that night and the next night. thanks for clarifying the last names of the LoBiancos. and i don’t think you sound harsh at all. weren’t they sentenced to death, but then the death penalty was abolished in california or something like that.

Definitely not. His real name is Brian Warner. His stage name of Marilyn Manson is Marilyn [Monroe] + [Charles] Manson.

All of the band members’ stage names are made up of the first name of an iconic female sex symbol and the last name of an iconic mass murderer or serial killer (e.g. Olivia Newton Bundy).

…and we wonder why kids who listen to this garbage are screwed up…

Spectacular work & a hurculian effort personally by the prosecutor, who also ended up doing a lot of the investigating himself, due to ineptitudes in the LAPD… imagine?

I was visiting there when this occured. Everyone was really afraid. It did remind me of the Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate killings in Lincoln, Nebraska where I lived. They killed 11 people in 1959 which included Caril’s family.
My best friends dad was a detective and he found Caril’s siblings stuffed down an outhouse biffy.
Everyone was terrifed. Sick, sick people…

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