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I would like to get a tattoo to praise the Lord. I know about the controversy tattoos have with the church but I am modern and I think it’s not really a sin after going through the Leviticus verse.
i would like to make something like this:

Could you please advise ?

Thank you.

Very nice!!! I just got my first tat; it’s a Jerusalem Cross in red above my ankle.


Do realize it’s a lot more difficult to remove than to put on. Seeing that you’re concerned about it now, you certainly will again in the future and what happens when you become convinced it was the wrong thing to do in the first place?

It is quite nice, I would look more into tattoos though

There are about 9857.3 better ways to praise God then spending $50 to permanently and painfully mark your body.

1 Peter 1:7 says that the “genuineness of your faith” is praise to God. Romans 2 talked about circumcision as a sign in their physical bodies that a Jew was a member of God’s family, but that we have “circumcision of the heart.” Tattoo your love for Jesus in your heart.

You don’t need to praise God by spending money on permanent markings on your body. Give the money to the poor, save yourself the pain and lay up your treasure in heaven. Jesus said not to let your right hand know what your left hand was doing and not to show your piety before men.

Many holy men and women have passed through life totally unnoticed by the world. They were men and women who cultivated the interior life through prayer and self-denial, not the external life through self-decoration.

*'What shapes and gives life to the roots and branches is the sap, which always works on the inside.'

  • St. Josemaria Escriva, The Way 651*

The world is going to misunderstand your tatoo anyway.


The Church does not forbid tattoos. If you want a tattoo, get one. Just be sure it is not indecent or vulgar, etc. You don’t need the approval of people on CAF to make a decision about this.

My advice is to place it in a location that can be covered easily enough by normal clothing so that it is not a distraction to others at a crucial moment such as a job interview. Although they have become more mainstream in recent years, tattoos do still have some stigma attached to them that you should take into account.

I would also recommend taking at least a year to think it through. I waited years from the moment I first considered a tattoo before getting one. That allowed me the time to decide what I really wanted and to truly appreciate the permanence of my actions. Once the symbol of Christ is on your body, there truly is no going back. Are you ready to truly live it out in EVERY aspect of your life? If not, then I’d advise a period of even longer waiting and prayer.

Yes, tattoos are difficult to remove. But just because someone has concerns at first doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing. Peter had a very nice life as a fisherman. No doubt he had concerns when Jesus first called him to leave behind his nets. Imagine if he had acted on those concerns!

Even our Blessed Mother voiced a concern at the Annunciation. “How can this be when I have not known a man?”

St. Joseph was concerned about Mary being pregnant and was ready to act on his fears, but didn’t.

There are no guarantees this is the right decision, which is why my council is prudence, patience and prayer.

The world may misunderstand. Then again they may not. Those who have seen my tattoos understand perfectly. They know I value God above all else. They know this because the marking over my heart matches the marking ON my heart.

Certainly giving money to the poor is great. I would agree with you to the extent the choice is between giving to those in need or getting the tattoo. However, if a person has already given his/her tithe, paid all necessary bills, and is not jeopardizing the financial safety (not necessarily ‘security’) of his/her family by using money that should be saved for emergencies, there is nothing inherently wrong with using that money for a tattoo.


The church has no teaching on tattoos, the one reference in the Bible about tattoos deals with marking yourself up in honor of the dead, false gods, and idols.

Leviticus 19:28
You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh on account of the dead or tattoo any marks upon you: I am the Lord.

I have a rosary on my arm with my family names encircled in it, Plus seven or eight others, something about us old sailors.

I don’t think that we honor God by defacing the skin He gave us, but that’s just me.

Are we free to do it? Yes.

Is it worth doing? IMNAAHO, no.

Human skin looks best unmarked, again, IMNAAHO. But it’s of course your call.


I don’t have any tattoos because I don’t believe in unnecessary pain, but if I did get one I would get one of Mary like this one Mary Tattoo.
Maybe one day I will, but not now. It’s not that important to me. :slight_smile: I’m not really into tattoos like some are. I’m a plain type of person, I only have one set of piercings and that’s in my ears, the old fashioned ear piercing, no piercings anywhere else. I’m just not into piercings and tattoos, but I don’t think they are wrong or a sin, it’s just unnecessary pain. LOL. :slight_smile:

You aren’t going to have a body when she meets you to escort you to her Son for judgment. Consecrate yourself to Mary instead. You will be better off when that day comes.


Think to yourself will this tattoo strengthen my faith? Will it remind me of my faith? Does it provide a meaning to me?

If so then go for it :thumbsup:

My opinion is if the tattoo is to help with the faith then why not.

Well, the Catholic Church does not teach that it is sinful to get a tattoo but the Catholic Church also does not condone tattoos. As far as I know, this is one matter that the Catholic Church doesn’t speak about. However, one must keep in mind that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and should be treated as such. One should also keep in mind the Leviticus verse and the fact that a tattoo is pretty permanent. They can be removed but its difficult and very expensive to get removed and as far as I know, health insurance won’t cover tattoo removal unless keeping the tattoo on is causing a health problem and even then they may not cover it. There is also the fact that if you are questioning getting one at this point in time then it shows you have uncertainty about something which is quite permanent. I would advise getting a tattoo myself.

Are there any Church documents that support this? I am curious to know. thanks

It’s not just about tattoos specifically. The Church speaks extensively about pride. We have to examine ourselves and determine our real motive for a tattoo. Is it to decorate our body or to give glory to God?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good to attract a mate. That is natural. There is nothing wrong with dressing nice according to your station in life - one would expect a businessman to wear a nice suit or expect a doctor to wear a shirt and tie. But what is the purpose of wanting to look good - pride or comportment according to one’s state in life?

The Church says nothing about excessive jewelry, fancy clothing or plastic surgery. The Church does however teach about modesty and pride, and John speaks about “The pride of life” and the “Lust of the eyes”. All these things can be done for the glory of God or out of pride. We have to examine ourselves.


I have two problems with tattoos, one is vanity, the other is practical.

Vanity – tattoos generally look good on young skin, not on old. I saw too many old people with tattoos when I was young to think they were cool. That may be a shallow reason for not getting one, but there you are.

Medical – Tattoos can cause problems if you ever need an MRI. Apparently they heat up during the procedure and can be extremely painful. I don’t know if they can cause the machine give incorrect readings. You might want to ask a radiologist.

Here’s some advice from someone with a tattoo.

  1. Put it somewhere that will be covered during job interviews and weddings. I’ve seen girls regret getting one on their back where it’s visible with a dress with a low swooping back.

  2. If possible, stick with black. It looks better when faded and it’s easier to remove if you ever choose to do so.

  3. Get something with deep personal meaning. Not merely a decoration. If you can’t find one, wait until you do. There’s no rush and you don’t want to live with a mistake. The chi-rho isn’t a bad choice.

  4. Carefully consider the size. Generally, the more elaborate the design, the bigger you want it to be. A simple chi-rho would probably look better small. To look better large, you probably want to spruce it up.

  5. Consider the fact that you may want another tattoo later. If you fill up your entire back, that’ll limit your options.

  6. Get something timeless. There’s the famous guy who got a Romney tattoo. Those with cartoon characters from the early-mid 1900’s are regretting it now.

That’s a good point! :slight_smile:

Really?? :eek: I didn’t know that!

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