Tattoo question

Im 23 and have been really wanting to get a tattoo since I became Catholic, but I’m worried that it’s a Mortal Sin or something. The tattoo that I want to get is a cross or crucifix with Father, Son, Holy Spirit written around it in Latin. What do you think??

I don’t believe getting a tattoo is a sin, unless you get a tattoo of a someone who has passed away. However your body IS a gift, and a temple in which the Holy Spirit dwells.

Gee, I think getting tatooed is a sin. Marking up your body is defacing God’s property. I will have to look into this further, though for confirmation. But I truly do think its a sin. I also think its a sin to get botoxed or get your face stretched tight just for vanity. Maybe others will disagree but for Me, personally, it is a sin.

I don’t recommend you getting a Tattoo really. To me its just vanity even if others may want to argue the contrary.

You don’t need a Tattoo, God loves you just the way you were made by him.

Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, God made you the way He did for a reason. To me the idea of tattoos is revolting but that’s just my opinion…

I read the other day about an older person that had tattoo’s. All of the tattoo’s looked like blobs of ink, having lost their distinction and definition over the years. Something to think about.


A simple search of “tattoo” up in the Ask an Apologist forum produced the following that should clear this up for you.

]Has the church said anything official about body piercing and tattoos
Is excessive tattooing a mortal sin?**

Jimmy Akin, an apologist’s response.

Thanks for sharing this. I have never read this before, but it definitely provided some clarity. Thanks!

Tattoo your soul with Christ and not your flesh with ink.

Tattoos are the new mullets.

When I was about your age (maybe a tad younger) he who wore the biggest mullet was the coolest. Think Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse, or Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon, or Sly Stallone in First Blood. John Stamos’ most excellent mullet even gave an air of cool to a prissy sitcom like Full House.

Now, think of all the cool cats today with tattoos. In 20 years those tattoos will look to the way mullets look today.

When mullets when out of style I simply walked into the barber shop. When I walked out I was mullet-less. Going mullet-free cost about 15 bucks and took less than half an hour. Now, imagine if I had gotten the bright idea of having my mullet permanently sewn to my head.

Getting a tattoo is like getting a mullet permanently sewn to your head.

Don’t do it.



Swayze’s mullet in Road House might possibly be the greateat mullet to ever have lived. I’ve seen that movie probably 50 times, and I know that even though Swayze was tough, his mullet was the one who did all the butt kickin when the stuff hit the fan.

I don’t think getting A tattoo is such a bad thing. I have one, and it’s relatively small and easily covered. I think that having excessive ones can be a bit much, like having full sleeves or getting your head tattooed, but if you get small-ish ones in coverable places, what’s the big deal?

Little known fact: The mullet still works at the Double Duce.

Best answer. High five!

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