are tattoos in and of themselves sinful? what about the people who tattoo… are they sinning by giving tattoos? if it is their career, should they find another career, or this being their livelihood, is it alright? what if someone wanted them to tattoo, say, a demon or some such thing on them, it being their job to tattoo what customers want, would this then be alright?

or is all this just a matter of conscience? is there an official teaching on this?



I know of no teaching on tattoos being a sin. However, there is a teaching on self-deformation of the body, but I believe this pertains to such acts as sex change operations. I don’t know if this would include tattoos.

Anyway, if you’re thinking about getting one, don’t.!

I got one back in 1971, when I was in the Marines. Today you can barely distinguish what it is, other than the letters U S M C. All tattoos, I don’t care when or where you get them, will fade over time, as new skin grows over them, You can have them touched up, by the same tattoo artist. However, all tattoo artist have said no to my inquiries about having mine touched up. They all told me that I’d have to go back to the place where I got it. I don’t even know if the place exist anymore, and I don’t care about it anymore.



Here is a link for a thread concerning this in the “moral theology” section.


Tatoos are a desporting of the Temple of the Holy Ghost.

Oddly, I am riled to think of the End Times and the Mark of the Beast…it will be a violation of a person’s will and it will be a sign that we are no longer in the flock of Jesus. That is a “tatoo” we must not acceed to having be it an actual tatoo or some kind of body implant.

Tatoos, in the secular business world, are frowned upon and a hindrance to promotions.


~Laugh~ Not where I work. I’m an executive assistant and I have quite a few tattoos, yet I continue to get raises and bonuses and frequently get asked to travel here and there to represent the company.


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