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Pax in Jesus the Christ of God!
How is everyone doing? I am currently an OCarm 2nd year novice awaiting first simple profession (pray for me). I am just creating this thread to give courage to my fellow brothers and sisters who may be tattooed and thinking of a religious vocation. Before I entered Carmel, in my high school years and college (I didn't finish college, because I entered formation) I became an EDM producer (Electronic Music Producer, I make dubstep, house and techno music) I still produce and create music at seminary!:thumbsup: Long story short, I got caught up in the EDM lifestyle and took tattoos, not just a few on my upper arm or shoulders, but TWO FULLY COLORED TATTOO SLEEVES:eek: altogether I have 257 tattoos covering both my arms. All of them are Catholic and Christian. As time went along I discerned God may be calling me to a religious vocation, I applied and was accepted to Carmel. Yes I am faced each day with the prejudice that tattooed people get, but I love my ink and so does my community. My point is don't be discouraged if you are tattooed and thinking of serving God in a religious vocation. I am not saying go and get tattooed, but if you are tattooed, be not worried! Not all Bishops or Provincials or novice masters are the same, but if we are ONE AND UNIVERSAL then a tattooed person should not be turned away from a community or barred from entering a seminary because of their skin art. But if you are turned away, be not discouraged God needs you in His church and He will use you to do His Will!:) Pax! I hope my little bio helped :)


I like your story. And I love tattoos :smiley: Your sleeves sound amazing.

Praying for you!


Would love to see pictures of your sleeves…


Thanks for sharing your story. God bless you! I don’t know much about the different “types” of religious life, so maybe you can answer a question. Are you going to be a priest, brother, etc.? What exactly will you do after you profess? Where will you live? Thanks


You have a great story, thanks for sharing it. I, too, have tattoos (although none are religious). I’m praying for you.

God bless!!


What a wonderful post to see this morning! :smiley: As someone else said, would love to see the sleeves! And wishing you the very best in your journey! :slight_smile:


Pax! People of God I would respond first to “anp1215” I am going to be a religious brother, not a priest. There are disadvantages to having ink, some are, I can’t be in the media as much, people who see me at mass out of my habit or clericals shun me (I went to a mass once in my local Cathedral and no one sat next to me) there are many Charismatic Catholics and even very traditional Catholics who think that I should not be a religious, and I had to promise my superiors to wear my habit at all times, to keep my ink covered as not to scandalize people. I would not mind posting pics, but please tell me how?


You have nooo idea how much this helps me!!! I too have tattoos from my college years but regret them! When I was looking at communities, one thing I would consider first was length of habit and whether sandals are worn (being that most are on my feet and legs). I was so discouraged and still am worrying about what more traditional communities would think of me. I tell myself “there is no way I can be a religious!” This has to have been the Holy Spirit because it has been weighing very heavily on my mind. Now I only pray that women’s communities are as open as yours! So thank you, thank you, and God bless you!
P.S. I would love to see pics :smiley:


I would boast to much about it, Their still is issue's with marking your body which IS a HOLY TEMPLE.


Yes I know this, I took the tattoos fully aware of the issues with marking your body,a holy temple. I did it out of my freewill and I don’t regret doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not boasting, I am but only telling my story. I am not in anyway encouraging people to take tattoos nor will I support someone taking them. I know the consequences of my actions, and I face these consequence everyday here on earth, I know I have to answer to the Judge for doing that to my body, but this is my journey I am sharing, hoping that people may see the Grace of God in my life and take a courage from it. Pax


Can anyone here help Joe with posting the photos? I’m clueless in this department. And really want to see the ink :smiley:


YESSSS help me please!!!


ok so I am going to post it online and well post a link so everyone can see it :slight_smile:


That should satisfy everyone’s curiosity. :slight_smile:

Its also the quickest way for you to share the photo,. At this point, because you are so new to CAF, you don’t yet have the ability to post images here. This permission will be unlocked automatically once you reach the status of New Member. That should occur near the end of this month, assuming you have posted a few more timess,


I am not a fan of tattoos, but I would never condemn anyone with them. And your’s are religious :smiley: I would like to see them myself. I am glad your community was very accepting of you! You are in my prayers!


People of God just an update on pics of my tattoos, I am yet to get a credible decent site that I can register to and post the pics. I am still searching...:confused:


[quote="Joe_X, post:16, topic:290333"]
People of God just an update on pics of my tattoos, I am yet to get a credible decent site that I can register to and post the pics. I am still searching...:confused:




I see that you are not Catholic. There is nothing in Catholic doctrine condemning tattoos.


Picassa is good.


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