Tattoos, piercings, and breast enhancements


These are very popular today and lots of peer pressure to have these done and common in life today. They can be an expensive proposition, but important for many. Big business today. How do you feel about these? For you, your children as to tattoos and tongue and nose and private part piercings?


I was 48 when I got my tat so I knew what I was doing and had a specific reason for the one I chose. However, if my son were in the position of bugging me about getting piercings and/or tats, I’d have to be firm and say no, not till you’re 18 and don’t need my permission.

Reputable tattoo parlors will not ink anyone under 18 and require an ID to make sure of it.

On the other hand, if I had a daughter and she wanted pierced ears, that would be fine. As for other body parts, the 18 year-old rule applies.


Don’t forget scarification and ear plugging! And nose rings. And rainbow coloured hair.
I work in an artistic environment, and all these are common with the youth in that setting.

Just make sure the tattoo parlours are clean and properly sterilize the equipment so you don’t contract Hepatitis or worse.


Personally I have none of the piercings or tattoos. However I’m not opposed to those that have one or two small ones that could be in public view as they have to live with it for their lifetime, not me. For girls, of age 16 perhaps, a belly button piercing besides her ears is as far as I’d accept. I guess some rebel and that’s their way of ticking off mom and dad today to get those under age 18. Must be lawn mowing and baby sitting money or left over from Holy Communion and Confirmation that pays for these? :eek:


I just went to EWTN’s Q & A section and searched previously asked questions under “tattoos”. Rather than stir a bee’s nest on here, just look up the answers there. Pax†


It was very popular back when I was in college for people to get tattoos. Especially in their Freshman year as a way to ‘prove’ their adulthood and separation from their parents. I actually thought about getting one, but after changing my mind three or four times on what tattoo image I wanted I figured that it I couldn’t even make up my mind for a month how would I feel about having something permanent for the rest of my life. That made up the decision for me that a tattoo was not something I wanted.

I’m glad I made the decision to not get a tattoo. Almost everyone I hear from who got a tattoo when they were late teens/early twenties now (ten+ years later) regrets either the image they chose or regrets the decision all-together.

Now, my Aunt who was 60 when she got her tattoo has no regrets. But I truly believe that’s because it was a well-thought out decision and she was old enough to know what regret really was to be able to really understand if she would regret a tattoo or not.


Hey fireman guy…I’m sure all topics have been talked out over time here. We’d go crazy trying to research all those old blogs and perhaps some get too heated. I do appreciate you pointing it out. If you deem it interesting and worthy, hook us up to a link. Tattoos and piercings are common today. I can recall when the earings for men came into vogue and in play and I jumped out of my skin as to that with seeing young nephews getting those. That was a couple of decades ago now. That is still very strange to me. Which one was gay? Turned out none of them were, lol.


Well, if anything, it makes for an interesting thread. :slight_smile:


yes, I often think or wonder about those who will be elderly in the nursing home and there’s that black and blue blurry blob on their body. Did they do it with ink years ago or did the staff? You as I do have some thoughts about it’s forever and how it may look should we be blessed to live in our well earned wrinkles at age 80 with these and how they will look at that time. Also, when you think about some of those surviving from WWII, Jewish have those numbers on their arms tattooed by the Nazis. Most of those folks have passed away by now but they could tell us a thing or two.


I have wanted a half sleeve on my left shoulder that was a main image of Our Lady of Fatima, with different saints surrounding her such as Blessed Miguel Pro (soon to be canonized, God willing), maybe a Padre Pio, or my man Thomas Aquinas or St. Francis.

I think that if it were religious and not something random, I would be able to live with it and appreciate it my whole life. But the tats I want would be detailed and take up a lot of money, and I am not sure when or if I will be able to make those kinds of purchases.


Well, perhaps there is an artist here who would appreciate your request in your area and work with your idea on this and can refer you. Maybe the folks from LA INK would do it if you’d be OK with being filmed? That shop does not survive on retail tattoo work revenue. Although they I’m sure have a waiting list with the publicity. They get paid big bucks like the Pawn Shop, Jon and Kate and the Duggers, the Ax Men and the Road Truckers and the Deadliest Catch, etc. etc…



Did you see the OLOF movie? It is in one of my top five among the black and whites.


Tattoos, piercings, and breast enhancements…?

You are made in the image and likeness of God. Why deface what is already divine art?


I agree. However, I’d rather not have tattoos, but I suppose they are morally acceptable, if, IMHO, distasteful. Breast enhancements, however, serve only to create lust, don’t they?


While I have no problem with them, I don’t personally have any. I can’t see myself with piercings and while I would like a couple of tasteful tattoos, due to my increased level of sensitivities, I try to avoid painful things whenever possible so I don’t have any. Also, I’m leery about doing something that would be permanent in case someday, I decide I don’t like it anymore.


I agree with many. Let good enough left alone is my motto. As to breast size, I only wish for life they are healthy ones even if they have flap jacks. I don’t have any any blood relatives with breast cancer even among my much older siblings but have known of some that have known of many that have this affiliction. There will be doing a walk out of Philly as to breast cancer to raise money. Bless the survivors and may we find a cure someday soon.


I like ear the traditional lobe ear piercings, though personally will never get any being a male. But I think a lot of earings, especially dangly ones, can be very pretty and really add to a woman’s beauty. However any piercing aside from that I see as distasteful, ugly, and in some cases sinful (you know the areas im talking about).

As for tatoos, I have no problem with some, but problems with most of them. Though my problems with most tatoos comes from the fact that I think they are ugly and pointless, and not necessarily because of moral reasons.

Now breast implants I think are just straight up sinful. I would never support someone getting breast implants and feel sorry for women that get them.


Did you see the OLOF movie? It is in one of my top five among the black and whites.

I havent seen any of the movies made on Fatima, but I was able to pilgrimage there this past summer. It was a beautiful place that turned into everything I expected (I initially was upset at all the tourism, but got over it after some time at the Shrine).

I did see they are making a new move, “The 13th Day” which, after watching the trailer, looks like it will be something to look forward to.

If I can find somebody to do what I want, I may get one (a tat). But if not, it will only be a dream I guess.

And I ya’ll are right, breast enhancement is not cool, and often looks disgusting. Usually when you meet someone with it done, all you can think about is how fake ‘they’ are.


That would be on my agenda to visit for sure as billions of people would. I’ve had young people of the Protestant religion have great wonders about Mary and was she all that? Their church elders seem to down play the Blessed Mother.
Well, I do recommend that old B&W movie to them and to you too if you have not seen it. It’s in my top 5 of B&W films.

Wiki really has a lot of good information too:


I don’t have any problem with them, but I really prefer to spend my money on other things. Why would I get a tattoo when I can take a nice scuba diving trip for pretty much the same price? besides everybody and their grandma has a tattoo so it kinda takes all of the fun out of getting one.

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