Tax credits pushed to aid adoptions


Governor Mike Pence is pushing adoption tax credits to make Indiana the most adoption friendly state in America.

Adoption is better for children and better for taxpayers than alternatives like moving from foster care family to foster care family.

It comes at a time when my niece and her husband adopted a baby this year and my next-door neighbor is trying to adopt three children whose birth parents are in prison or have left the country.

This makes two good news stories on the same front page of our local newspaper today. It gives me some hope for 2014.:slight_smile:


I was shocked to find in America there are 100,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted.


It would be better still to make adoption more affordable. How many couples could provide good homes to these kids yet can’t afford the adoption process even if they get tax credits?


It would be even better for birth parents to act with more personal responsibility and raise their own children rather than abandoning them for a life of drugs, criminal activity, and sexual excess. Sadly, that is not going to happen anytime soon.

In states like neighboring Illinois, Catholic Charities cannot get a state license to handle adoptions and foster care placements because of our belief that children deserve to be raised by a mother and a father who are committed to each other and their children through marriage.


Oh, I agree, but I’m thrilled when a woman gives up her child for adoption rather than drag it through the seedy lifestyle picked. Yes, if people displayed personal responsibility there wouldn’t be a great need for adoption…but we live in a broken world. I live in Illinois…the North end of the state dominates…all those liberals in Cook county outweigh we conservatives down south…not to mention the Zombie vote. I’m considering moving this year.


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