Taxa Camarae

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I’ve looked all over the internet for the supposed “taxa camarae” of Leo X released in 1517, which many anti-clerical and Black Legend-loving people put up against us. It is an alleged set of rules and laws governing amounts of money to be paid for various despicable, immoral deeds. This so-called historical tax is lifted up and pointed to as a justification for the Protestant reformation and schism. Interestingly, Luther does not mention it anywhere in any of his letters or writings, so it can’t be authentic?

Can anyone find information on it? It’s mentioned in the eternal links of the Wiki page for Leo X, but not mentioned in the corpus of the article itself. I smell a rat… something fishy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Warning: the source (Pepe Rodriguez) is obviously anti-clerical and anti-Rome, but it’s the only direct source:

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