Taxpayers spent 1.4 billion on US presidency

But…he’s for the “little guy…” :shrug:

I wish people would just admit that we live in an Empire, not a Republic.

Yeah, and the royal family of Britain only gets 68 million. Ugh.

If you ask me, it’s not the rich upper class but rather the government which “isn’t paying it’s fair share!”

Exactly. The very same people causing a stink about the “greedy rich” are burning through public tax money like it was going out of style.

Hypocrisy and mendacity to the upmost. And think of all the homeless in New York and New Jersey no one left behind yada, yada yada.

And remember - in England that’s three generations and several people - here we have the typical family of 4. I don’t think Obama’s brother George has Secret Service outside of his mud hut.


Privatize Government!

I’m sure corporations can do a better job than Government, at least more fiscally affordable.

Hard to see this after the banking collapse of 2008. Of course, one can easily claim the banks are an extension of the government so saying corporations (other than financials) can do things more efficiently may still hold water.

The banking industry in America is a quasi-governmental agency run by the Federal Reserve System. Its main purpose it to siphon money from the working people of American and put it in the pockets of the ultra-rich and politicians.

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