Taylor Marshall's video on Fratelli Tutti- am I missing something or is TM being disingenuous...?

I thought I would watch DTM’s analysis on Fratelli Tutti (Pope Francis encyclical). I don’t watch much Taylor Marshall as I tend to disagree with his content but thought I would catch up with his latest…

He begins the video talking about how the encyclical is 43,000 words and majors in on the amount of times “God the Father” , “Jesus Christ” and “Holy Spirit” are mentioned. He says it’s 0, 2 and 2 times respectively. And for an encyclical, this is not acceptable.

So let’s go with his point and just check his claims (forgetting the substance for now)…

So just taking the first two, whilst the count for the specific word combination he uses are correct… “God” and “Jesus” ARE actually mentioned c.80 and c.30 times.

Now, I know this sounds like a silly point to make. But Taylor Marshall MAJORS in on this point… And unless I am missing something (happy to be made to look like a fool here!), it looks like he is simply being disingenuous… Please let me know your thoughts!


TM has built a career on being disingenuous


So what is the value of this exercise? How is Taylor saving souls by criticizing the writing style of the Vicar of Christ? Does he believe he’s been raised up by the Holy Spirit to save the flock from a crooked pastor? What is his authority to do this? Which bishop has given his blessing? To preach to the faithful is a privilege granted by the competent authority, never a right.


And his authority to say that is . . .???


He’s Taylor Marshall, of course.


I mean… I have learnt a lot from him but I just had to stop watching him a year ago as you need your own personal filters turned up to 100% to sift out his sensationalism and just outright falsities a lot of the time… His following is crazy though. He has a monopoly on the disgruntled impressionable traditional Catholics online and his word cannot be questioned or challenged amongst them


I agree :100: but this is a minority opinion I find, at least online. It’s truly worrying to me, looking at the comments on his video

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Mike Lewis wrote a good article on this at Where Peter Is:

I agree with you, OP. ‘Ctrl-F criticism’ must stop.


Thank God there are others who think the same! I was beginning to lose hope… You ever try to question him (he blocked me) and his crowd of followers defend him vehemently. It’s incredible. I think the author in the article you sent me does put it correctly however- Taylor is being deceptive here and it needs calling out.


TM has “red-pilled” on Pope Francis. Those are his words. That basically means he has become a full-time critic of Pope Francis. He peddles conspiratorial goofiness which his fan base just eat up. Years ago I thought he was a person to look up to but now I just feel sad for him because of the path he has chosen.

Sadly, some who enter the doors of the Catholic church don’t plant their feet but keep on moving through, never stopping, until they find themselves in a storage closet where they think, now I’ve found the Church!


Im a traditionalist and I do not regard him as an “authority” and nor do any traditionalists I know. Traditionalists don’t think in those terms about Catholic writers. Authoritative teaching is ascribed to the Magisterium alone, under God.


I too class myself as a Traditional Catholic. And I too do not regard him as an authority. But many do…


Amen-excellently put!

I listened to what he said and what another person said about it on Virgin Most Powerful radio. I can’t remember the guys name but he is a historian. His explanation was easier for me to follow. It’s not that great of an encyclical in my option because he explained what St. Francis wrote in the rule regarding how to approach the Muslims. I can’t remember the details but there were two ways to approach and Pope Francis only mentioned the one way.

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They treat Dr. Marshall as if he is the Pope, the Infallible rule of faith, while they treat the actual Pope as if he’s merely some theologian in need of constant correction.


Yes it is worrying indeed. And it is very surprising to me how many are blind to this. Many are disgruntled Catholics for whom Taylor Marshall was their first person to show them towards certain Truths. But in amongst these Truths, there are falsities. Like the one in the OP, amongst other much more serious ones. In a monarchy, one might call some of his actions treasonous…

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Well, whoopty-do.

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I know that Bishop Barron had hosted a meeting of Bishops at the end of July specifically to discuss the problems of -

  • A “culture of contempt” among Catholics online;
  • The rise of “tabloid style” news in the Catholic press, “often in service of accruing web traffic and video views”;
  • The influence of the so-called “radical Traditionalist” (or “rad-trad”) movements online.

It’s primarily a US problem with the rise corporate Catholicism and the industry of very profitable ‘non profit’ status.

My guess is that the USCCB will be forced to actively dis-endorse these types as causing others to stumble in their faith. There’s nothing Catholic about them. Imagine what they would have done to poor St Francis with his gentleness and love of nature.


There is a lot of wisdom in your post :slightly_smiling_face:. Very true. It is alarming how much this virus has spread…

Actually a search on the encyclical, the pope refers to the name of a Jesus 33 times. The problem with Tylor Marshall is that he’s real good at building on false narratives, so what his channel has become is a platform for slandering the pope. The Vatican II document Inter Mirifica exhorts the laity to evangelize and spread the gospel of a Jesus Christ through the media; instead this guy uses it to spread gossip and calumny. It’s the work of the devil. A close inspection of what Pope Francis has consistently said shows that he’s simply echoing the gospel and Church teaching, Marshall’s problem is that he’s wearing purple-colored glasses thus everything looks purple.the devil is tricky.

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