Taylor Marshall's video on Fratelli Tutti- am I missing something or is TM being disingenuous...?

The rules for writing an encyclical are determined by…

… wait, there are no such rules for writing an encyclical. No one who concentrates on the inane will ever learn anything. There have always been those who reject the teaching of the various Popes that have preceded Pope Francis. TM is not unique.


I read his “Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages” book and it was actually pretty good. It’s tragic because he could be a really good writer and speaker for the Church if he wanted to be, but unfortunately his charism is being squandered on diatribes against the Pope. :frowning:


They weren’t mentioned as models of being a proper Catholic. But rather as examples of non-Catholics who understood the particular idea the Pope was writing about. There is a two fold order of nature and grace, of truths known from natural reason, and those that can be known only from revelation. The topic of this encyclical–the unity of the human family–has as its primary basis a truth accessible to all, even those without faith: the common origin of all men in general, as well as truths flowing from it (like the universal destination of goods). The listing of those persons seemed intended to demonstrate this accessibility and as something not limited to those with the orthodox faith. Bl. Charles de Foucauld was given as the model of one illumined by faith (“a proper Catholic” so to speak).

While the Pope does address in a few places how revelation can further illuminate this truth (and he has done so more elsewhere) I do understand the desire for him to have done so more here. However, he seemed content to mostly deal with this topic at the level of natural reason. There’s nothing wrong with that given the subject matter.


This is why Marshall is a problem: though there are issues with the bishops, as Catholics we can’t assume that a layman supersedes their authority. I don’t know that Marshall has ever fully outgrown his Protestantism in this regard.

Personally, once I saw his dimly lit video in which he speaks directly to and questions Pope Francis, I knew I had to disengage for the safety of my soul.


See the post by Gab123 your own showing the faulty methods behind some of Marshall’s claims.


Realize that most of his shows have become vehicles for false narratives that build on gossip and fake news. For example, he goes on about the “pachamama” in the Vatican gardens and builds all sorts of false slanderous narrative which then spread on the Internet with others feeding off each other and leading Catholics and non Catholics alike to distrust and suspect the pope. Lifesite’s John Henry Westen, Taylor Marshall and others showed clips of the natives in the Vatican Gardens bowing around the traditional mandala with native symbols of life in the Amazonia. That event was built into the false accusation that they were worshipping pagan idols, which then grew into narratives of enthroning demons, and the pope endorsing earth worship etc.

In reality, the natives were Catholics and were praising God for the gift of His creation. The native lady leading the group looks up and praises God and then they all bow. That video clip was cut short to make it look as if they were bowing down to the wooden statues, which was the false narrative.

The natives were invited to come to the Vatican in the wake of the pope’s visit to the Amazonia, where he exhorted them to hold fast to the Catholic Faith in the face of the aggressive push by organizations that promote what the pope calls “ideological colonizations” that destroy the family and cultures through ideologies masquerading as progress, i.e. abortion, Contraception, gender theory, and all the ideologies that have poisoned western culture.

The internet and YouTube talking heads Like Marshall ran with clips slandering them as if the natives were pagans invited to worship their false idols in the Vatican. To this day Taylor Marshall will show pictures of the event as a way to continue to tarnish pope. But it’s all fake news.

Here is a video of the event. If you know Spanish and Italian you will realize that it is thoroughly centered in Jesus Christ through Saint Francis ‘s Canticle of the Sun sung at the ceremony. The Canticle of the Sun in its praise of God thanks Him for creation.


If you are going to claim Pope Francis presents these two historical figures as such the onus then shifts to you to demonstrate where he does so. Claims of that kind require proof.

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Taylor seems to like to d Ctlf-F critiques as ioannes notes, which is a dubious way to look at involved documen. Let’s look at it A find mentions of Gandhi and MLK and see what the Pope is saying:-

Here’s what is actually said:-

In these pages of reflection on universal fraternity, I felt inspired particularly by Saint Francis of Assisi, but also by others of our brothers and sisters who are not Catholics: Martin Luther King, Desmond Tutu, Mahatma Gandhi and many more. Yet I would like to conclude by mentioning another person of deep faith who, drawing upon his intense experience of God, made a journey of transformation towards feeling a brother to all. I am speaking of Blessed Charles de Foucauld.

Perhaps it might have been wiser to read the source document than Marshall’s commentary on it.


So Pop Francis specifically says that they are not Catholics, making the accusation that they are examples of proper Catholics a blantant … “that which is not true.”

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Using the Taylor Marshall law of logic we must therefore conclude Pope Leo XIII worshipped ‘work’ or perhaps, just perhaps he used that word so much, given that the encyclical addresses the conditions of the working classes.

Crusaderman - the primary source is easily available - you have no need to rely on pundits like Marshall to read it for you.


Yep. And unfortunately he has gained much traction with the rightfully disgruntled impressionable Catholics out there who are suffering from the faulty implementations of V2.

Swept by the Taylor Marshall wind?

Amen. Well put.

I don’t understand TM anymore. Listening to him recently you may wonder if Trump is now his pope and Pope Francis his enemy. Very odd.


You have just described a perfect reason to never go back to the website.

He may not be the last person on earth I would turn to for information, but he is seriously close to that last person.

Can anyone actually deny that Fratelli Tutti promotes religious indifferentism because it considers any religion as a good for societies?

It’s such a wide claim as to be numinous. Select the parts of the work you feel are troublesome.

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When writing in the eighth chapter on fraternal relations among religions, Pope Francis endorses a sense that all religions are good and even can “witness to God.”

“From our faith experience and from the wisdom accumulated over centuries,” he writes, “but also from lessons learned from our many weaknesses and failures, we, the believers of the different religions, know that our witness to God benefits our societies.”

How can a religion that does not adore the Holy Trinity or acknowledge the Incarnation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, give “witness to God,”? This definitely seems to be promoting religious indifferentism.

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Yes. I will.



I suggest you look up what “indifferentism” means.

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So Judaism or Islam do not give witness to God to pick two major religion world faiths?

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