TBN viewers: has it worked for you?

In light of the many telethons on TBN, I began wondering this and wanted to ask everyone:

Have you received your “abundant financial blessing” or “love gift of wealth” (or whatever they term it) after sowing whatever monthly/yearly “seed pledge” they were preaching? (I’m using quotes because that’s what I’ve heard Protestants/Fundamentalists call those things, not to be rude.) May I ask, how much you sowed and how much exactly it reaped? How long did it take for it to happen?

Or, did you or a loved one “sow the seeds” of TBN’s promises with your pledge or money, only to become broke or disillusioned when those promises didn’t come true?

I’d really be interested to hear if either of those things happened to you or someone you know.

I’m Catholic but take care of an elderly protestant man. He watches TBN every morning so I hear a lot of it. I also went to a service like that with a Protestant friend who was church-seeking. I’m appalled by the way biblical truths are skewed in the service of self-interest and desire for abundance. These preachers are doing no more than using the Bible and God to appeal to peoples’ need for security, comfort and wealth. What happens to the “faith” of congregants when the promised abundance doesn’t materialize? These preachers will have to stand before God and answer for what they’ve done and promised in His Name. Jesus never promised security, comfort, wealth or an absence of problems. In fact, he promised just the opposite. People who believe these things are not readers of scripture or they’d know better. I once attended a Word of Love church with a friend who was searching. The preacher preached that if you tithe, you’ll receive enough money to support 4 generations of your family! For the most part, these aren’t the traditional, established protestant churches; they’re independent.
I know you asked for the input of believers in this teaching, but this is a hot-button for me. Hope you didn’t mind my posting.

These “Health and Welfare” preachers (Creflo DOLLAR??? comes to mind) are truly sad. They prey on innocent, desperate people by selling them what they want to hear!

If that were true then all of Jesus Apostles would have become wealthy and Jesus would have become the Jewish King with vast riches, not die on a Cross totally penniless.

Pray for these people!

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


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