TD Jakes


Found this article on yahoo. Seems to be a good money-making venture.


Faith sells. The founder of Scientology once stated that the easiest way to make a million dollars was to invent a religion.


[quote=Dr. Colossus]Faith sells. The founder of Scientology once stated that the easiest way to make a million dollars was to invent a religion.

I think they have his name wrong. It shuold be DJ Takes. :smiley:


I once heard him referred to as a bishop. I was looking through the guide on tv and one of the shows on was with a Bishops TD Jakes. I thought i’d give it a look because i never heard of him. Much to my surprise, he was not what i picture as a bishop.


I have listened to him on television several times. I find him fascinating. I never knew someone could talk for so long using so many words, and yet never say anything important or coherent. :sleep: A typical “health and wealth” preacher. :crying:


I disagree with the posts thus far. I have listened to him many, many times. I think he has much more in the way of substance that the average Health & Wealth preacher. He talks a great deal about the grace God offers freely, but also on our responsibilities as well & does not shy away from clearly talking about sin.

Remember, the Catholic Church is also accused of being all about $$, we’ve all heard that “richest organization on earth” & "why all the fancy vestments and works of art at the Vatican? - you could feed hungry people with that money. Yet, we judge him for wearing a designer suit…and disparage Catholics in other posts for not dressing up to visit the Lord? :confused: I dont see anything in that article that even hints of any impropriety, financial or otherwise.

Perhaps because I am a black woman I can relate more to his style & I know that the message he delivers is sorely needed among many black men. I would love for any of the black men I know, most of whom are not Catholic, to go to Mega Fest. I’m a Catholic who is very strong in faith, with a good grasp of apologetics, so I can watch or listen to some Protestant ministers for the Truth they do have, and discard the rest, much as I do with the nightly news or the daily paper. They contain truth, but are not free from error or political agenda.


While I do not discount the idea that God can use ANYONE to do His work, and that this man may have some good truths in what he teaches, there is also much that concerns me.

I live not far from his church, The Potter’s House, in Dallas. It is gigantic. I’m told there are in excess of 28,000 people in his congregation. It does have a number of very admirable outreach ministries to those especially marginalized populations of any big city (drug dealers, homeless, prostitutes, etc). That’s a good fruit, to be sure. Frankly, I further admit that he’s VERY dynamic to listen to.

However, his theology contains many problems for Catholics. He lives an opulent lifestyle, not unlike Joyce Meyers, and is neither ashamed of that fact nor inclined to change it. He mixes a lot of pop psychology and “empowerment” messages with his preachings, and his view of Christ as a rich man seems completely bizarre. He also appears to deny the Trinity, or at best evade questions about being a “oneness pentecostal”.

For a more detailed look, try these sites (This site is Calvinist, but contains very well researched quotes with references and some interesting theological discussions about Jakes’ teachings.)

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