Tea Party Express leader Mark Williams kicked out over 'Colored People' letter

Now I really don’t know if he is racist, but his words were inflamatory and ill chosen. I think he could have made his point without attributing it to a racial group or subset, no matter how he or I feel about the misguided NAACP.

Anyway, he has been expelled from the “Tea Party” and I say good riddance. American has to much riding on this movement to allow someone to alienate anyone based on race.

We need to alienate them based on their liberal constitution destroying agenda. See below:

“We have expelled Tea Party Express and Mark Williams from the National Tea Party Federation because of the letter that he wrote,” federation spokesman David Webb said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

He called the July 14 letter “clearly offensive.”


The Mark Williams letter does cross the line. There are so many other issues he could address on government corruption, this “so-called presidential administration” and the list goes on. Race issues are just what the liberals want to see as of the snare traps they use to hang people with.

Liberals. Then Joe Biden jumps in to defend the issue at hand. (NY Daily News Editor Picks) But yet recently he went to Kenya promising money to them if abortions would be made legal and commonplace.

History repeats itself. Dr. William Edward Bughardt Dubois (Founder of NAACP) collaborates with Margaret Sanger on an essay in Birth Control Review June 1932 Page 166-167.

78 years later Biden goes to Kenya to contunue the Margaret Sanger tradition to eradicate future offspring of the people of Kenya. But yet liberals can’t see that as racist.

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