Tea Party Express Turns Eyes to Senate

From Roll Call:
For the Tea Party Express, next year’s election is all about the Senate.
With no consensus tea party presidential candidate in sight, the group plans to kick off the new year with a stream of endorsements in Senatorial races, Chairwoman Amy Kremer told Roll Call Friday.
In September, the group co-sponsored a Republican presidential debate with CNN and its leaders expected to anoint one of the nominees as the candidate of the tea party shortly thereafter. But no single candidate managed to capture the imagination of grass-roots conservatives.
Yup, none of the candidates is really worth positive emotionalism…and one of them is worth positively campaigning against.

Obama is probably going to get a second term given the “strength” of the GOP field. Leave it to the GOP illustrious leadership to snatch defeat from the mouth of victory.

So the most important thing to do is to actively work to deny him even one house in the Legislative Branch.

Our country is screaming for leadership, but the GOP cannot come up with anybody. These candidates insult me by not doing the preparation for presidential debates that my eight year old daughter does for her spelling bees and dance recitals at school. They offer Gong Show contestants who do their act wrapped in a flag carrying a Bible. I have learned one thing from this years political scene and that is I love America and being Catholic more than I hate any out group or ideology. The republican party has come to stand for everything that I will not tolerate in my employees and everything I hope my competetors seek out in theirs.

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