Tea Party Supports Teachers Accused of Sprinkling Athiest


I’m trying to find more about this story. I have not heard the full story in this report. Maybe some of you who live in the area of this school have more information.

A person cannot be baptized against their will. Any attempt to do so would likely be invalid and without effect, regardless of the good intentions of the persons doing the baptizing.

On one hand…tea partiers sprinkling holy water on athiests…

On the other…some dude on a TV show sprinkling urine on Jesus…

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…I wonder which I’m more outraged at.

Now if the athiests had recieved third degree burns…:stuck_out_tongue:

On one hand…tea partiers sprinkling holy water on athiests…

On the other…some dude on a TV show sprinkling urine on Jesus…

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…I wonder which I’m more outraged at.

Now if the athiests had recieved third degree burns…

Yeah that’s right, we atheists don’t actually matter in this world. We should just allow people to bully and do whatever they want to us because christains rule the nation. We just need to keep our head down and keep our mouths shut when someone pulls something like this.


I’m pretty sure they were not trying to baptize the athiest teacher. They were using, oddly enough for a Baptist- Holy Water. Which is typically not used the the protestant evangelist’s toolbox.

It’s not clear that the christian teachers here are even members of the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement is from what I can see, simply supporting them in their actions.

No dude sprinkled anyting on Jesus, perhaps an image of Jesus? No mention in the bible of Jesus ever having had someone assault him or harrass him with any kind of liquid.

So, in order for you to be outraged about an athiest being assulted or harrased, would be if they suffered third degree burns.

Well, I suppose that could be next. Maybe battery acid will be tossed on athiests next.

Why not handle the matter in a legal fashion? Why toss any liquid or anyting at someone you disagree with?

I’m sure these christian teachers represent a minority of christians that would do something like this. Even so, I’m going to ask christians the same thing I see them ask on the Islam threads. Where are the moderate christians now? Why aren’t they condemning this vocally?

Yeah that’s true, but I personally view this as an attack on an individual over their belief system. It just really pisses me off when I see people on this board act like they deserve it or something. Not supporting it but not really saying it’s wrong either.

oooOOOooo woe is me…

“We just need to keep our head down and keep our mouths shut when someone pulls something like this.”

And thats not what we Christians had to do when that guy URINATED on a picture of Jesus?? Seems like it goes both ways…I mean, I’m not out to disrespect ANYBODY- I didnt pee or throw holy water or anything, but…you get what you give :shrug:

My thoughts exactly when I saw that episode of whatever that lame show is called.

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying these people were right in what they did, NEITHER side is when it comes to disrespecting people and/or their beliefs- I’m just saying its a little hypocritical to come on here guns blazing crying foul when those people do the same darn disrespectful stuff themselves…

I mean, am I supposed to be all up in arms about this?

I dont know- I’m still a newbie kinda convert trying to get used to the whole compassion thing…I guess I still have some of that ‘real world-get real’ mentality in meh. But I feel you though, girl…its irritating as all heck to see someone disrespect your group.

You keep mentioning this incident with a man who urinated on a picture of Jesus.
Do you have any link about that story to show me?

Do you realize you are sounding like the people who get outraged by depctions of Muhhamed?

I think we will end up with one of the more level headed ones that will step up and say something about this. I just started the thread recently, so it may take them some time to notice it here.:slight_smile:

Well, the specifics of the case are sketchy, so it’s difficult to comment on it. However, in order to be consistent, I’m sure that atheists/agnostics are totally opposed to the atheist teacher discussing atheism with the students. Correct?

Regarding retaliation/reaction by the other teachers? Inappropriate, but the principal should have reacted.

  1. Correct!

  2. Don’t know what she actually did in order to agree there.

Well, if the article is accurate, the principal did nothing regarding the atheist teacher. However, the article is poorly written, so it’s difficult to tell what happened.

According to the sprinkled teacher it was holy water, but the teachers who deny sprinkling her say all they did was hold up a bottle of perfume. This action was in response to a student’s shouted comment that “Sounds like somebody needs some holy water.”

According to one news story, the two teachers are being accused of bullying.

But according to the story in the first post, the school is primarily concerned that this event took place in front of a class of students, undermining the authority of the “sprinkled” teacher.

Okay, so why were the two teachers in the classroom of the “sprinkled” teacher? The class had been holding a boisterous discussion about Haiti. After one student said that the earthquake was God’s punishment for a satanic pact made 200 years ago, the teacher began to “refute” Christianity.

The loud discussion attracted the attention of the two other teachers, who then entered the room.

“Ms. Rainer, she was trying to tell [Ms. Rodriguez] not to say that she doesn’t believe in God in front of students, like don’t talk about religion in front of the kids,” Calloway recalled.


And it was at that point that student stood up, and made the holy water comment. This comment then prompted one of the teachers to go to the hallway and return with a bottle of liquid.

I think that Ms. Rainer is correct that a hostile discussion of religion was out of place, but I wonder if the two teachers couldn’t have handled their correction of Rodriguez quietly, without involving the entire class.

Rainer is married to the associate pastor of a Baptist church. Her husband, and other clergy, have organized a protest effort.

I’d still like to know the original context for the discussion of Pat Robertson’s comments with Haiti. I’d still like to know why these two teachers did not get the principal and decided to enter the room and take charge of another teacher. I’d still like to know if the school actually does participate in prayers, or other religious education on the taxpayer dollar. It’s unclear to me what actually started this. A better idea of what was said would also help.

“There was never anything sprayed or sprinkled on anyone or anything, absolutely nothing,” McCray explained. “This is a total fabrication being made against good teachers.”
In response to the lively discussion, Rainer and Robinson entered the room.

“Sounds like somebody needs some holy water,” a student remarked before Robinson retrieved and displayed a small bottle of liquid from the doorway.

Why would a Baptist even have holy water on hand to sprinkle someone? It is not like they knew the athiest teacher was going to cause a ruckus in her classroom, that they would be ‘armed’ ahead of time. Holy Water is not something Baptists carry around with them. This just doesn’t add up.

Whatever happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’?

Whatever happened to letting the principal decide what to do, rather than take it upon themselves to decide what to do when they are not her superior.

Sounds to me like they heard the ‘lively discussion’ from the hallway and entered the classroom to support the teacher in controlling her class. Why involve the principal when they are on hand to assist? Plus, if things were really that out of hand, the delay in getting the principal might have resulted in an injury to someone.

This explains to me why they would enter the classroom without running to the principal first.

How about her students being bullied into listening to her denigrate Christianity? She has a captive audience. The students may not leave her classroom without permission. Do you not think her students feel that this makes her classroom hostile to their beliefs and that if they express their beliefs that their grades will suffer?

This atheist teacher was not sprinkled with anything and if she had a problem with what the other teachers allegedly did, why did she eat lunch with them afterwards, without mentioning anything about the incident, like how she felt ‘bullied’ or anything. It seems to me that if she were that offended, she certainly wouldn’t have sat down with them for a meal afterwards. She’d have found another table.

Her whole story doesn’t hold water.

McCray said that after the brief encounter ended, Rodriguez ate lunch with Rainer and Robinson, and there was never any further discussion about it until they were surprised with the April 12 notices from the school district.

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